5 Ways To Develop Your Curiosity

Although some individuals were born naturally more curious than others, it is possible for you to develop your curiosity and train yourself to become a more creative individual.

Curiosity is like a muscle; it is a skill that can be learned and strengthened over time.  

Nurturing curiosity into your daily life can be fun especially if you appreciate the benefits around mindsets, communications, and actions. Curiosity is important to living a healthy, successful, and happy life!

Developing curiosity requires stepping outside of your comfort and living in a state of play.

Here are 5 ways on how to develop your curiosity.  

1. Keep A Journal

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Start a journal about yourself. 

Grab a new notebook to write down your thoughts, feelings, and reflections about your daily adventures.

Using a pen to write out and describe your experience will groom your ability for self-reflection, self-awareness, and personal development.

The act of using a pen and paper will personalize the connection as you learn more about yourself.

2. Dive Deep Into Your Interests

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The second way to develop your curiosity is to research a topic of interest that you know little about.

Follow your curiosity and research details about a topic that you would like to learn more about.

As you learn more details about the subject, you will find yourself becoming more engaged in the process and wanting to know more!

3. Travel Somewhere New

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Try new experiences or visit somewhere new.

When you take a break from your normal routine to experience something new, your curiosity allows you to live like a beginner in a similar way like a child taking their first steps.

By traveling to a new destination, curiosity allows you to learn and grow from unexpected moments.

4. Try A New Hobby

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Another way to develop your curiosity is to pursue a hobby or explore a passion.

A hobby, specialty, or passion are all selfless and uncompensated activities that simply requires you to show up from a place of love.

The commitment to develop a hobby engages the patience and inquisitiveness required to further develop your curiosity.

5. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Try an activity or have a conversation that intimidates you.

Use your curiosity to identify something that you were always too afraid to do due to a lack of self-confidence.

Curiosity can help you explore the real issues about fear, the respective source of your fear, and determine actionable ways and words to use to engage in the conversation from a place of building a bridge over the issue.

As you expand your interaction with curiosity, your life becomes more interesting.

With a curious mindset, you will rarely get bored, and you can strengthen social and professional relationships. You can also become more persistent, resilient, and brave!   

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About Robin Barone

Robin Barone is a curious and collaborative executive with experience in entrepreneurship, investment, and business development in small to large organizations who is passionate about building profitable businesses. She is the founder of Curiosity Conversations, a newsletter and workshop designed to nurture curiosity in busy people looking to achieve better outcomes in their professional and personal lives.

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