9 Steps to Actually Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

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9 Steps to Actually Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

If you’re a regular on any social media platform, you’ll probably have noticed the rise of influencers and coaches who claim they attracted their dreams into reality with a vision board and have the ability to manifest whatever they wanted in life. These “dreams” can range from luxurious vacations in Bali, designer clothing and shoes, to a brand new Tesla Model X. They make it seem so easy, right? Little did you know, the person already lives in the lap of luxury. Welcome to 2019, where it takes little to no effort to brand yourself as a “manifestation guru” on social media.

Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is truly nothing magical or woo-woo about manifestation. While it is fun and probably a form of escapism to daydream about money falling from the sky, it simply doesn’t work like that. Now I’m not saying that manifestation and law of attraction are a complete hoax, but they have been blown way out of proportion. In my opinion, manifestation and law of attraction are just a form of macro goal-setting – an invisible north star that guides you towards the future you’re envisioning.

Manifestation: An Empowerment Tool

I like to think of the act of manifestation as an empowerment tool. An overall mantra or belief that you have the power to achieve anything you want in life. A lot of people like to focus on the tangible aspects of manifestation like making a vision board or using a fancy bullet journal. While these things are great and can help you with your manifestation journey, I would say 90% of the manifestation process happens in your mind.

Here are 9 things you need to keep in mind if you want to manifest your dreams into reality.

9 Steps to Actually Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

9 Steps to Actually Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

1. Remember It’s Not Magic

There’s nothing magical about manifestation. Just because you want to become a millionaire doesn’t mean the money is going to magically appear in your bank account the next day. It takes dedication and the willingness to open your mind and embark on new directions that will bring you closer to your goals.

2. Be Open to New Experiences

For you to manifest your dream life, you must destroy your old limiting beliefs and open your heart and mind to new experiences. By becoming willing to explore new avenues,  you will notice the opening of doors and paths that you were blind to before. These are all positive signs that confirm you are on the right path in your manifestation journey.

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3. Count Your Small Wins

A lot of people give up on manifestation because they are not seeing immediate results, but it doesn’t work overnight. It’s very important to have gratitude so that you can notice and appreciate the small changes that are happening around you. Manifestation is a progressive journey. Every little step you take brings you closer to your goals and manifesting your dream life.

4. Know When to Pivot

Sometimes what you want isn’t necessarily the best for you, and it is okay to pivot and change directions. A big part of manifestation is to align you with your inner self, so your intuition will let you know if something is off.

5. Let Your Intuition Do The Work

Manifestation works best when you are in tune with your intuition. Don’t let other people’s opinions affect your judgment and your choices. Do you know how sometimes you’ll feel a certain attraction or magnetic pull towards a certain goal, thing, or person? That is your intuition, your inner self. The act of manifestation leads you to align with your intuition, which ultimately empowers you to take action and make the choices that are right for you.

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6. Write It Down

Manifestation works much better when you are specific and concrete in what you want for the future, so pick up a pen and journal and write down your goals. Don’t overthink this process or worry about whether it looks pretty. It’s the process of writing it down that is the most important because it shows commitment and reinforces your goals in your mind.

7. Be Realistic

Another important thing to remember is you need to be realistic when it comes to manifestation. Yes, you can certainly dream that you will become rich and famous overnight but that is simply not realistic. Think of manifestation as a skill. Setting realistic and achievable goals help you practice your manifestation skills and gain experience so you can manifest greater things in the future.

8. Make a Plan

After you’ve set your goals and defined what you want, you’re going to need to plan out your next steps. Although your intuition will guide in your manifestation journey, you’ll need to put in the work and take tangible steps towards your goals. Remember that manifestation is an attitude and belief that you can achieve anything you want. The keyword here is “You”. Manifestation will not work if the “You” are not putting in the work.

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9. Don’t Obsess Over It

The manifestation process takes time so it is important to be patient and not be obsessive over your goals. You need to trust the process, and more importantly, trust in yourself. You must believe that you are on the right path and every action you take is bringing you closer to your dream life.

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