15 Best Quotes From Creativity by John Cleese

Creativity by John Cleese is a short and amusing guide that shows how creativity is a skill that anyone can acquire.

Drawing on his lifelong experience as a writer, he shares his insights into the nature of the creative process and offers advice on how to get your own inventive juices flowing. 

Not only does he explain the way your mind works as you search for inspiration, but he also shows that, regardless of the task you’ve set yourself, you can learn to be better at coming up with a promising idea, refining it, and knowing when you’re ready to act on it.

Scroll down and read 15 quotes from Creativity by John Cleese.

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15 Quotes from Creativity by John Cleese

  1. Wherever you can find a way of doing things that is better than what has been done before, you are being creative.

    Quotes From Creativity by John Cleese

  2. Another myth is that creativity is something you have to be born with. This isn’t the case. Anyone can be creative.

  3. This intelligent unconscious of ours, then, is astoundingly powerful.

  4. Creative people are much better at tolerating the vague sense of worry that we all get when we leave something unresolved.

  5. The greatest killer of creativity is interruption.

    Quotes From Creativity by John Cleese

  6. When you’re being creative there is no such thing as a mistake.

  7. You create boundaries of space to stop others from interrupting you.

  8. You create boundaries of time, by arranging, for a specific period, to preserve your boundaries of space.

  9. When we’re trying to be creative, there’s a real lack of clarity during most of the process.

  10. It is, however, very important that when you first have a new idea, you don’t get critical too soon.

    Quotes From Creativity by John Cleese

  11. The key thing is to start, even if it feels as though you’re forcing yourself through an emotional roadblock.

  12. As a general rule, when people become absolutely certain that they know what they’re doing, their creativity plummets. This is because they think they have nothing more to learn.

  13. It seems that it’s rare for someone creative to maintain a constant high level of freshness. Many people, in the course of acquiring great understanding and knowledge of a subject, become conventional in their thinking.

  14. The trouble is that most people want to be right. The very best people, however, want to know if they’re right.

  15. Feeling creative isn’t exactly an emotion. It’s a frame of mind.

    Quotes From Creativity by John Cleese

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