30 Best Quotes From The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson is a collection of Naval Ravikant’s wisdom and experience from the last ten years, shared as a curation of his most insightful interviews and poignant reflections.

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, philosopher, and investor who has captivated the world with his principles for building wealth and creating long-term happiness. 

Getting rich is not just about luck; happiness is not just a trait we are born with. These aspirations may seem out of reach, but building wealth and being happy are skills we can learn.

This isn’t a how-to book or a step-by-step gimmick. Instead, through Naval’s own words, you will learn how to walk your own unique path toward a happier, wealthier life.

Scroll down and read 30 quotes from The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson.

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30 Quotes from The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

  1. Making money is not a thing you do—it’s a skill you learn.Quotes From The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

  2. Getting rich is about knowing what to do, who to do it with, and when to do it.

  3. Yes, hard work matters, and you can’t skimp on it. But it has to be directed in the right way.

  4. If you don’t know yet what you should work on, the most important thing is to figure it out. You should not grind at a lot of hard work until you figure out what you should be working on.

  5. Society will pay you for creating things it wants. But society doesn’t yet know how to create those things, because if it did, they wouldn’t need you.

  6. No one can compete with you on being you. Most of life is a search for who and what needs you the most.

  7. The internet has massively broadened the possible space of careers. Most people haven’t figured this out yet.

  8. The best jobs are neither decreed nor degreed. They are creative expressions of continuous learners in free markets.

  9. Intentions don’t matter. Actions do.

  10. If you don’t own a piece of a business, you don’t have a path towards financial freedom.Quotes From The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

  11. If it entertains you now but will bore you someday, it’s a distraction. Keep looking.

  12. Now, the problem is becoming good at whatever “it” is. It moves around from generation to generation, but a lot of it happens to be in technology.

  13. If they can train you to do it, then eventually they will train a computer to do it.

  14. Forty hour work weeks are a relic of the Industrial Age. Knowledge workers function like athletes—train and sprint, then rest and reassess.

  15. You’re never going to get rich renting out your time.

  16. Earn with your mind, not your time.

  17. We waste our time with short-term thinking and busywork. Warren Buffett spends a year deciding and a day acting. That act lasts decades.

  18. Value your time at an hourly rate, and ruthlessly spend to save time at that rate. You will never be worth more than you think you’re worth.

  19. People are oddly consistent. Karma is just you, repeating your patterns, virtues, and flaws until you finally get what you deserve. Always pay it forward. And don’t keep count.

  20. Sharks eat well but live a life surrounded by sharks.Quotes From The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

  21. Amazing how many people confuse wealth and wisdom.

  22. You don’t get rich by spending your time to save money. You get rich by saving your time to make money.

  23. Read what you love until you love to read.

  24. The three big ones in life are wealth, health, and happiness. We pursue them in that order, but their importance is reverse.

  25. Doctors won’t make you healthy. Nutritionists won’t make you slim. Teachers won’t make you smart. Gurus won’t make you calm. Mentors won’t make you rich. Trainers won’t make you fit. Ultimately, you have to take responsibility. Save yourself.

  26. The hardest thing is not doing what you want—it’s knowing what you want.

  27. Courage isn’t charging into a machine gun nest. Courage is not caring what other people think.

  28. Happiness is what’s there when you remove the sense that something is missing in your life.

  29. Happiness, love, and passion…aren’t things you find—they’re choices you make.

  30. Happiness is being satisfied with what you have. Success comes from dissatisfaction. Choose.Quotes From The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

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