30 Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Well-Being

One of the best ways to become more mindful is to answer mindfulness journal prompts.

Mindfulness journal prompts challenge the way you think about the present moment and allows you to express what you are thinking without judgment.

The act of journaling is a mindful practice in and of itself. It is self-care for the mind.

You can use mindfulness journal prompts as a way to strengthen your manifestation practice by connecting with the Universe.

Read below for 30 mindfulness journal prompts to get started.

30 Journal Prompts For Mindfulness

Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

  1. What does mindfulness mean to me?

  2. Why do I want to practice mindfulness?

  3. How does being mindful make me feel?

  4. What are some ways I can be more mindful?

  5. What are some areas where I struggle with mindfulness?

  6. How do I feel when I’m connected to the present moment?

  7. Who is my favorite teacher on mindfulness? Why?

  8. What are 5 things I’m grateful for today? Why?

  9. What is my intention for today?

  10. What is my positive affirmation for today?

  11. What is my mantra in life?

  12. How can I love myself more?

  13. What is my favorite way to relax?

  14. What is my favorite mindfulness practice?

  15. Who can I share my mindfulness practice with?

  16. What are the areas in my life that are thriving?

  17. How can I prioritize well-being in my life?

  18. How do I want to feel today?

  19. How do I want to make others feel today?

  20. What are some negative thoughts I need to release?

  21. What is my favorite quote on mindfulness? Why?

  22. What are some limiting beliefs I need to let go of?

  23. Have I experienced any miracles lately? What was it?

  24. What are some thoughts that are no longer serving me?

  25. How does it feel to lean into my intuition?

  26. What are my sources for inspiration?

  27. How can I make happiness my priority?

  28. How is my work-life balance lately? 

  29. What is my favorite book on mindfulness? Why?

  30. What do I hope to achieve with my mindfulness practice?

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