How to Deal With a Quarter Life Crisis

Feeling Stuck?

Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck. I feel like I haven’t progressed in my career. Or that I’ll never achieve my financial goals. Or that my friendships are slowly disappearing.

I went to a great school, I have a stable job, and a supportive family; but I still feel stuck. And this feeling is immediately magnified when I go onto social media. I see influencers with perfect smiles, grabbing drinks with their friends while living in glamorous condos I couldn’t even dream of affording. Of course, I remind myself that social media is a highlight reel of people’s lives and I shouldn’t compare myself to others. Yet, I still can’t shake this feeling.

I’ve dealt with this feeling a lot since finishing college. What comforted me (and worried me) was finding out that I’m not alone. Over 85% of millennials have described feeling this way at one time or another. That means about 3 of 4 millennials reading this are experiencing or have experienced this feeling. And if you are feeling stuck right now, I want you to know – it’s completely normal and it’s a temporary feeling that you can overcome.

What the Heck is a Quarter Life Crisis?

What this feeling can be called, is a “Quarter-Life Crisis”. It’s the general feeling of anxiety over ones’ direction and quality of life, which usually occurs between ones’ twenties and thirties. A quarter-life crisis can hit anyone – whether you’re making six-figures or still working at Starbucks. It isn’t simply a feeling of anxiety about your career or income. Instead, it can be a feeling of confusion about the next steps or fulfillment in your current life situation.

A quarter-life crisis may leave you feeling like the only way out is through drastic actions such as buying a lavish item, quitting a job, or ending a relationship. I, for one, always thought a puppy would be the answer. However, the truth is that most of the time, these drastic decisions are just distractions from anxiety. Instead,  it’s more worth it to reflect on our feelings and find ways to embrace our current situations. Check out below for some great tips for how to deal with a quarter-life crisis.

How to deal with a quarter life crisis

How to Deal with your Quarter Life Crisis

1. Don’t Compare Your Path to Others

In the age of social media, this is much easier said than done. So, instead of attempting to avoid comparisons, try to be more mindful of them. Notice when you are comparing yourself to someone else. Then, remind yourself of your achievements. You’ve had so many successes that are unique to your path and you should be proud of that.

2. Find Your Passion

If you are feeling unmotivated at work, a new hobby or a side hustle can give you something to look forward to. Now is the best time to begin focusing on your passions, so you can hone a related skill for a new career or side hustle.

Unsure about your passions? You can use our FREE dream career journal prompts to figure out how you can turn your passion into a career or side hustle!

3. Manage Your Expectations

This can be the hardest thing to do, especially because we were raised with the mindset by working hard, we can achieve anything. However, embracing your life for what it is can be crucial in overcoming a quarter-life crisis. No, your life isn’t perfect and that’s okay. You’ve accomplished so much, you have loved ones who care for you and you’ve found your passion. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyed.

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