How To Manifest Using Pinterest

Do you want to use Pinterest to manifest your dream life? Just follow the steps in this blog post to get started on your vision board now.

A vision board, simply put, is exactly what it sounds like—it shows you a visual representation of your goals.

Gone are the days when physical boards were commonly used. These days, when just about everyone owns a cell phone, virtual vision boards are the way to go!

And there is no place better than Pinterest when it comes down to creating virtual vision boards.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make a vision board that rocks!

1. Set Your Manifestation Goals

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The first step to manifesting using Pinterest is to set your manifestation goals.

Figure out what it is that you want to attract into your life! Pinpointing your goal is vital before you set forth to execute it. The more precise you are with your details, the better.

The details act as a focal point and your attention should center around them.

When you picture something vividly and give yourself a deadline wherein you have to get it done, it magnifies your motivation.

It goes without saying that the process of brainstorming your idea need not be perfect.

You simply need a picture and an intention to turn it into reality.

As the saying goes, our intention creates our reality.

2. Create a Vision Board on Pinterest

How To Manifest Using Pinterest

The second step to manifesting using Pinterest is to create your vision board.

While you are on your Pinterest dashboard, click on your name and watch out for the plus sign. Once you do, click on it. ‘Create Board’ option is what you are looking for!

Having clicked on it, come up with a name.

When it comes to naming the board, keep it simple and use up your creativity – the choice is completely yours!

It’s recommended to choose the kind of name that inspires you and reinforces the idea of working hard on the goal.

Last but not least comes the most fun part. Scroll through photos and start pinning!

When you know what you are working for, it isn’t hard to come up with relevant keywords and phrases. Pinterest, known for its captivating visual content, makes this look like a child’s play.

However, don’t add pins randomly. Rather, take a moment and ask yourself if it will bring value to your goal.

Pin images that inspire you such as objects, places, and quotes.

Before you know it, your vision board will take shape and form into something beautiful.

All you need to do is contribute a few minutes of your day to Pinterest. After all, you have to water the flowers you want to grow.

3. Update Your Pinterest Board As Needed

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The final step to manifest using Pinterest is to keep your vision board updated.

As you evolve, your desires will evolve as well.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if your dreams and goals are no longer what they used to be once upon a time.

When this happens, don’t ditch your Pinterest Board. Rather, make sure you adjust it to match your new and improved goals. Your updated Pinterest board will bring energy to your manifestations and keep them from withering.

Constantly remind yourself why you created it and how far you are willing to go to make it happen. The purpose is to slowly watch your pins come to life. If you have reached a point where you no longer care about the pins, don’t shy away from tweaking them a little or even starting afresh.

If you are a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, then you probably know your thoughts matter more than you give them credit.

If you are giving yourself a hard time by saying your dreams are unreachable, chances are you will never attain them. 

But if you maintain a positive attitude and believe that your visions are making their way to you, you will receive them.

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