Manifesting Your Dream Career

Do you ever find yourself feeling unfulfilled at work?

Often times we choose careers that are great for our wallets, rather than pursuing our interests. Choosing a career we aren’t passionate about can lead to a lack of stimulation and feeling of repressed creativity; which can ultimately put our mental wellness at risk.

Do you remember your childhood dream job? Or even the job goals you had when you choose your college major? Having a dream job doesn’t have to stop when we start a 9-5 however, it does, in many cases, get neglected. Taking some time to think about your career goals and planning them out can be incredibly helpful in getting out of your work rut. Going one step further, creating a career vision board can generate the life-changing motivation you need to jump-start your dream career!

A vision board is a great way to visualize your goals and aspirations. A lot of people use vision boards for their personal goals, so why not try making one and manifest your dream career?

Start by planning out your career aspirations

Ask yourself: what do I enjoy doing, what are my skills, and is there a job that combines these two? You can use our FREE Dream Career Journaling Prompts to get started!

Gather photos, quotes, and other fun visuals

Once you’ve figured out your dream job, it’s time to get creative. Gather the visuals you’ll be adding to your board. Remember, you want your board to be fun, bright and inspiring. So choose motivational quotes, affirmations, and photos of people who inspire you. A good place to start is our Pinterest boards.

Put it all together

Now that you’ve got all your visuals ready, put them onto your vision board with tacks or glue. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your board, so have fun with it!

Placing your vision board

Put your vision board somewhere visible so you can see it everyday as a reminder of what you’re working towards. Some great locations include in front of your bed so you see it every morning and before bed, or your desk so you can remember your career goals when things get tough.

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