Neville Goddard: How To Pray

Want to learn how to pray according to Neville Goddard? This blog post will teach you how to pray like Neville.

Neville Goddard was an American philosopher and spiritual author. He is most well known for his teachings on manifesting your desires using the Law of Assumption. The Law of Assumption states that whatever you assume is true becomes your reality.

One of the key practices that Neville taught was to pray.

But contrary to popular belief, Neville did not believe in praying to God. Instead, he taught that you must pray as God in order to manifest your wishes.

Continue reading below to find out how to pray according to Neville Goddard.

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What Is Praying According To Neville Goddard?

According to Neville Goddard, praying means giving thanks to God as if you already received what you wanted.

Prayer is not begging God to give you something you think you can never have.

If you want to pray and receive what you asked for, you have to think as if you already have and possess that which you desire.

Prayer will not work if you beg and beg a God outside of you to give you something which you think you don’t have.

Neville taught that we are all one. There is no separation between you and God. You are God. God is you.

Excerpt from one of Neville Goddard’s lectures on prayer: “Learn how to pray. Master it and make your world conform to the ideal you want to experience. Stop thinking of, and start thinking from. To think from the wish fulfilled is to realize that which you will never experience while you are thinking of it. When you put yourself into the state of the wish fulfilled and think from it, you are praying, and in a way, your reasoning mind does not know, your wish will become a fact in your world. You can be the man or woman you want to be when you know how to pray. All things are possible to him who believes, therefore learn the art of believing and persuade yourself it is true.”

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Step 1: Believe In The Law of Assumption

The first step to praying according to Neville Goddard is to believe in the Law of Assumption.

The Law of Assumption states that whatever you assume as true becomes your reality.

So the key to using the Law of Assumption to manifest your desires is to assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

Neville Goddard teaches that nothing exists outside of your own consciousness, and your entire experience of the world is simply a projection of your internal consciousness.

This is why the key to changing your experience is to start by changing the assumptions you hold about the world.

All of Neville Goddard’s teachings are based on this universal law, so you must fully believe in this law if you want your prayer to work.

Step 2: Pray As If Your Wish Was Already Fulfilled

The second step to praying according to Neville Goddard is to pray as if your wish was already fulfilled.

Contrary to what most people believe about praying, you don’t ask for what you want in your prayers.

To pray means to give thanks. Give thanks for what? To give thanks to God because he has already fulfilled your wishes.

Think back to the last time you said thanks to someone. You probably said it after you received something from someone.

The same idea applies here.

When you express appreciation and gratitude to God for giving you what you want, you assume that your desire is already done!

And by the Law of Assumption, whatever you assume as true becomes your reality.

Step 3: Let Go Of The Wanting

The final step to praying according to Neville Goddard is to let go of the wanting.

Would you still want something if you already have it? Of course not!

The same principles apply to praying.

To receive what you asked for, you must assume the state of living as if you already have what we desire.

This is what “letting go” truly means. Let go of the wanting. You already have what you seek.

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Example Prayer by Neville Goddard

Here’s an example of how a prayer looks like according to Neville Goddard.

Thank you, God, for giving me what I want.

I really appreciate you for taking care of me and clearing the path to my desire.

I feel so happy and safe knowing that all my desires are being taken care of.

I can breathe easily knowing that all is well.

It feels great to know that my desire is already done. That what I want is already created. That what I want is already here.

I am so blessed, God. Thank you.

How Often Should You Pray According To Neville Goddard?

According to Neville Goddard, you should pray as often as you can.

Because you are constantly manifesting, you should express thanks and gratitude to God every day.

The more you give thanks to God for providing all that you desire to you, the more you will receive.

Imagine someone is handing you a fresh $100 bill every day for free, how often would you thank them?

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How Long Does It Take To See Results After You Pray?

When you pray from the perspective of already having and possessing your desire, you will see results immediately.

The results will first take place in your mind. You will feel a sense of ease and comfort knowing that everything is already being taken care of.

As you relish in the feeling of safety, things will begin to shift in your external reality.

There is always movement, but 99% of these movements are unseen.

You do not need to look for results. The results will come to you.

Again, would you look for something that you already have? No!

So all you have to do is to maintain the assumption that your desire is already done and it has to show up. This is the law.

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