Top 5 Personal Development YouTubers

Personal Development On YouTube

YouTube is great for makeup tutorials, ASMR videos, and mukbangs, but did you know you can also learn about personal development on YouTube? When people think about personal development, they usually associate it with boring books or wall-of-text websites, but that is not always the case. YouTube is a thriving space for learning about personal development through fun and engaging videos. Each YouTuber has their unique style and aesthetic, so when you find someone that you can relate with, it is like a match made in heaven. Imagine learning about your favorite topic but from your best friend. Below are our top 5 personal development Youtubers. 

YouTube is a great place to get quick nuggets of wisdom on personal development topics, but if you are feeling adventurous and looking for a deep-dive on personal development topics – feel free to check out our personal development blog or download our free resources.

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Top 5 Personal Development YouTubers

1. Lavendaire

Lavendaire is a lifestyle channel founded by Aileen Xu that focuses on personal growth. This channel is all about creating your dream life and her motto is “Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece.” Her videos are super aesthetically pleasing with the pastel colors and dreamy vibes. We highly recommend anyone interested to start by watching her 12-part Dream Life series – it’s amazing!

2. Muchelle B

Muchelle B is another favorite of ours. We like to think of her as a sister channel to Lavendaire. Like Lavendaire, Muchelle B’s videos are also aesthetically pleasing but she offers a more practical approach on how to improve yourself. If you are a fan of lists then you are going to love her videos.

3. Krist & Yu

Krist & Yu isn’t your cookie-cutter personal development channel. She makes lifestyle and travel vlogs with an occasional sprinkle of personal development. We highly recommend getting to know her by watching her popular Japan travel vlog series. But if you are solely focused on personal development, her 5-part series on how to detox is also a great watch.

4. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is on a mission to help you succeed in life and business. Oprah named her as a thought leader for the next generation. She takes the time to answer viewer questions and always provides practical and actionable next steps. Her video library is HUGE, so you are bound to find something you’re interested in.

5. Rowena Tsai

You may recognize Rowena Tsai from her beauty channel, Beauty Within, but she also has her channel where she talks about personal development and self-care. Rowena is bubbly and super cute, which makes her videos so enjoyable. If you are a fan of longer videos, then you will love channel.

Who’s your favorite YouTuber?

What are your thoughts on our top 5 personal development YouTubers? Let us know down in the comments your favorite YouTuber.