12 Ways to Grow Your Coaching Business Using Instagram

So you started a coaching business but having trouble leveraging Instagram to reach your clients? Well, you’re in luck because I’ll be SPILLING THE TEA on how to scale your business using Instagram.

Social media marketing is one of the most valuable tools for small businesses. It is a free, low barrier-to-entry way to reach your target consumers directly. Having a great social media profile on Instagram legitimizes your business and attracts followers and potential clients.

Mastering the social media game is ESSENTIAL if you want your coaching business to succeed. Here are 12 ways to grow your coaching business using Instagram.

1. Create Content That Resonate

The biggest reason why Instagram posts flop is because they are something that no one asked for. I cannot stress this enough! You need to create content your clients want to see. Yes, I know it’s fun to make content that you enjoy but if you want your content to RESONATE with your clients, you need to keep your audience in mind when creating content.

Look back at your engagement analytics and see what kind of posts performed the best in terms of likes, comments, and bookmarks. For example, if your target audience enjoys quotes then you should focus on making similar content.

2. Develop A Signature Brand

To be successful on Instagram, you need to have an easily recognizable brand. This can be your logo, your color scheme, or your captions. You know someone has an iconic brand when you can simply take a look at their post and instantly know WHO posted it.

The important part here is to remember to stick to your brand. It’s very tempting to experiment and post something out of the ordinary but only do so with special intent. Constantly changing your branding can confuse your followers – the people who followed you because they liked what they saw and wanted more.

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3. Promote a High-Value Lead Magnet

We all know the importance of a good email list, and one of the best ways to build that list is via a lead magnet.

Lead Magnet is an irresistible offer that provides high-value content to potential clients in exchange for their contact information. This can range from an e-book, tip sheets, or online course.

I would say 75% of the work for lead magnets occurs AFTER you create them. It’s all about the promotion because no one will sign up for your freebie if no one knows about it.

That’s why it’s important to promote your lead magnet on your Instagram. Make it your bio link! Use a call to action in your captions! Promote it via IG Stories!

4. Use Call to Actions

So many businesses post on Instagram just to post on Instagram. This provides low value because it doesn’t convert your followers into clients.

Each Instagram post should have a specific purpose. Whether it’s to sign up for your lead magnet, read a new blog post, or announcing a new product launch. Make sure your call to action is clear in your caption.

5. Slide Into Their DMs

Do you notice a loyal follower who always likes or comment on your photos? Slide into his/her DMs! Even if it doesn’t convert into a client, simply thanking your loyal followers can help build brand loyalty. Remember, the worst thing that can happen is you get ignored. On the other hand, sliding into their DMs can net you a potential client.

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6. Post Engaging IG Stories

Another tip is to post IG stories that are engaging! Emphasis on engaging. I noticed a lot of influencers post A BUNCH of IG Stories of their daily routines, meals, and reposts. While these are great for letting your followers keep up with you, there should be a purpose behind your IG Stories.

The best way to create engaging content is to make it interactive. Ask a question! Do a poll! Make a quiz! IG Stories are your opportunities to think outside of the box and test out new content since it disappears within 24 hours and won’t impact your Instagram feed.

7. Try IG TV

Now a lot of people emphasize the use of IG TV, but I think it’s a high-effort task that provides variable results. I’d recommend testing this out by doing a few videos and let your analytics dictate your next steps.

Instagram is a very fast-paced social platform, and everyone is churning out new content daily. If you’re genuinely interested in creating long-form video content, I recommend starting a YouTube channel instead.

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8. Exchange Shoutouts

Another way to grow your coaching business using Instagram is to exchange shoutouts. Do you want a shoutout from a bigger account? Well, you get what you give. Take the initiative to give your favorite accounts shoutouts on your posts and Instagram stories. Shower their love and most will return the favor.

9. Research Your Hashtags

Invest some time in researching and optimizing your hashtags.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post, so I recommend everyone to max out the 30 hashtags to optimize their reach.

Unless you’re already an established figure or a celebrity, you’ll want to benefit from the additional reach offered by hashtags.

A sneaky way to find premade hashtags is to go through the “Top Posts” of a hashtag in your niche. Look through your competitor’s posts and copy the hashtags they are using. Chances are, these hashtags are great for reaching your target audience too.

10. Optimize Your Bio

Make sure you USE that bio space and make it work for you. No, simply putting your age, name, and astrological sign is not going to cut it.

Make it immediately known what your business is about and how you can help your potential clients.

Promoting a freebie lead magnet? Put a short blurb about it at the bottom of the bio and use a call to action to tell your followers to click your link in the bio.

11. Display Client Testimonials

Another important aspect of building your coaching business via Instagram is to cultivate credibility. Feature client testimonials in your IG Stories and save them to your highlights in your profile. This can increase your credibility quickly and show potential clients that you are the real deal.

12. Be Genuine

If you want to build a loyal following and attract clients who believe in your brand, you must be yourself. You want to write your captions as if you are talking to a friend or someone you trust. Nobody wants to read a business proposal or a sales pitch in every post.

12 Ways to Grow Your Coaching Business Using Instagram

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