20 Affirmations For Enneagram Type 3

Looking for affirmations that work for your Enneagram type? Use these 20 affirmations for Enneagram type 3.

What Are Enneagram Type 3 Affirmations?

Enneagram Type 3 affirmations help you gently replace the negative thoughts in your head with positive thoughts.

Enneagram Type 3s are described as being success-oriented and pragmatic. You can use these affirmations at any time to realign with your Enneagram’s core values.

If you’re unsure about your Enneagram type, check out these 12 Enneagram tests you can take right now.

Read below for 20 affirmations for Enneagram type 3.

Affirmations For Enneagram Type Three

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  1. I am successful.
  2. I am a magnet for success.
  3. I know my worth.
  4. I am making positive changes in the world.
  5. I have unstoppable confidence within me.
  6. Life feels great all the time.
  7. I can always find a way forward.
  8. I am so excited about the future.
  9. I choose to see obstacles as opportunities.
  10. I am a naturally happy person.
  11. Confidence comes easily to me.
  12. I aspire to be a role model for others.
  13. I am full of energy and life.
  14. I deserve success and happiness.
  15. I am proud of who I am.
  16. Everything always works out for me.
  17. I am highly motivated and productive.
  18. I am a center for positivity, joy, and love.
  19. I am incredibly grateful for all my success.
  20. I use positive thinking to manifest a positive life.

How Many Times To Say Each Enneagram 3 Affirmation?

You should repeat the enneagram 3 affirmations at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

And then you should repeat the affirmations whenever you find your thoughts out of alignment with your enneagram type.

For example, if you find yourself out of alignment with Enneagram Type three, immediately use the affirmations to replace your negative thought with more positive ones.

How Long Does It Take For Enneagram 3 Affirmations To Work?

It only takes a few repetitions to remind yourself of your Enneagram type using affirmations.

But it can take a few weeks of consistent practice to live in alignment with your Enneagram type.

The amount of time it will take depends on how well you stay in alignment with the belief that you can be in absolute alignment with your Enneagram type.

How To Use Enneagram 3 Affirmations

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If you’re new to affirmations, you can follow these 5 steps on how to use affirmations to get started.

But the number one thing to remember when using positive affirmations is it’s all about how you feel.

Affirmations work best when you actually believe in what you are saying. Don’t just recite affirmations just for the sake of doing it.

Choose a few that resonate with you and actually imagine how you feel if you lived out the affirmation.

If reciting an affirmation brings you a sense of relief, then you are on the right track to harnessing the power of positive affirmations.

Try writing affirmations for yourself. No one knows you and your circumstances better than you! The most powerful affirmations are the affirmations you write for yourself.

I hope you enjoy these affirmations for Enneagram type 3.

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