30 Affirmations For Confidence

Boost your self-confidence with these 30 affirmations for confidence.

The difference between someone who is confident and someone who’s not confident lies in their mindset.

We all have access to the part of our consciousness that is brimming with confidence. The problem is that we block it.

Whether it is a traumatic experience or a lack of support from our parents growing up, we chose to believe in the limiting belief that we are not confident.

And according to the Law of Attraction, we receive what we believe.

But as Abraham-Hicks said, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. 

The best way to get rid of a limiting belief is to replace it with a positive, better-feeling thought.

This is why affirmations are so powerful for building confidence.

Affirmations redirect your attention to positive thoughts that serve you, which will attract the change you want to see.

Read below for 30 positive affirmations for raising your confidence.

30 Confidence Affirmations

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  1. I am confident.
  2. It feels great to be confident.
  3. I am becoming more confident every day.
  4. It’s getting easier and easier to be confident.
  5. Confidence makes me feel good.
  6. True personal growth happens outside of my comfort zone.
  7. I am willing to step outside of my comfort zone.
  8. I am committed to my personal growth.
  9. It’s okay to take up space.
  10. I give myself permission to grow.
  11. There is no time to play small anymore.
  12. My playing small does not serve the world.
  13. I surrender all limiting beliefs that no longer serve me.
  14. It’s time to be the person I have always wanted to be.
  15. I love my newfound confidence.
  16. I am so proud of how far I have come.
  17. My confident energy is positive, attractive, and magnetic.
  18. My confidence lights up the world.
  19. My confidence inspires others to become more confident.
  20. I choose to speak up for myself.
  21. It’s a privilege to stand up for myself.
  22. I always speak my mind freely.
  23. I am confident but kind at the same time.
  24. I was born to be confident.
  25. Confidence is my birthright.
  26. I embrace this new way of living.
  27. I am becoming more of myself every day.
  28. I am excited about the future.
  29. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me.
  30. I am not afraid, I was born to do this.

How To Use Positive Affirmations For Confidence

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If you’re new to affirmations, you can follow these 5 steps on how to use affirmations to get started.

But the number one thing to remember when using positive affirmations is it’s all about how you feel. 

Affirmations work the best when you actually believe in what you are saying. Don’t just recite affirmations just for the sake of doing it.

Choose a few that resonate with you and actually imagine how you feel if you lived out the affirmation.

If reciting an affirmation brings you a sense of relief, then you are on the right track to harnessing the power of positive affirmations.

Try writing affirmations for yourself. No one knows you and your circumstances better than you! I strongly believe that the most powerful affirmations are the affirmations you write for yourself.

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