30 Best Quotes From Didn’t See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

Didn’t See That Coming By Rachel Hollis shows you how to seize difficult moments for the learning experiences they are and the value and growth they provide.

When it comes to the “hard seasons” of life—the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job—transformation seems impossible when grief and uncertainty dominate your days.

But it is up to you how you come through your pain—you can come through changed for the better, having learned and grown, or stuck in place where your identity becomes rooted in what hurt you.

This is a small book about big feelings: inspirational, aspirational, and an anchor that shows that darkness can co-exist with the beautiful.

Scroll down to read 30 Quotes from Didn’t See That Coming By Rachel Hollis.

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30 Quotes from Didn’t See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

  1. If you’ve had something ripped away, if you’ve been knocked down, get back up. Every time.

    30 Best Quotes From Didn't See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

  2. Choose joy even when life sucks.

  3. If you want to move forward, be honest about what’s going on even if it’s only to yourself.

  4. Stop trying to cover up your emotions, or, frankly, anything you don’t like about yourself or your feelings, with a new coat of paint.

  5. It often takes a life-changing crisis to remind us which parts of our life are worth living.

    30 Best Quotes From Didn't See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

  6. It’s impossible to walk through hell and leave it the same way you went in. Nobody walks through fire unscathed. You either burn up into ashes or you get forged in the flames and emerge as something new.

  7. Nobody can remove your identity from you. Identity literally means being who or what you are. And you get to choose that.

  8. No one gets to define you but you.

  9. Evolution is uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  10. You may never receive forgiveness from the person or people you hurt, but you can do the work to forgive yourself.

    30 Best Quotes From Didn't See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

  11. You are not a leopard. You are an ever-evolving being who will continue to change over time. You are whoever you decide that you are and only you are ultimately responsible for what that looks like.

  12. Your ability to control your perspective, your ability to take a negative and flip it on its head and find meaning inside of it—that’s a super-power!

  13. You can get through this. There is hope. You will not always feel the way you feel today.

  14. In order to move forward you must decide that there is something greater at stake than the way you’re feeling or your fear of feeling pain again.

  15. If you’re struggling to find courage it isn’t because you aren’t brave—it’s simply that you haven’t identified something as more important than your fear.

    30 Best Quotes From Didn't See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

  16. If you want to begin to move forward, then you must stop wallowing in despair and take the next right step to help you move forward.

  17. You must find the courage to keep going. You have a responsibility to anyone who relies on you but if you’re a parent, you especially owe it to your children.

  18. Just remember, processing grief is an action you take, not a destination you stay in, unmoving.

  19. Faking stability you don’t have keeps you from achieving it.

  20. Do you want to be made into a better version of yourself because of your dark season, or do you want to come through as a shell of who you were? Only one person can make that decision for you.

    30 Best Quotes From Didn't See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

  21. Whatever hard thing you’re going through, or will go through in the future, is already going to suck enough on its own—don’t add to the pain by hurting your body, your mind, your soul, by reverting to bad habits.

  22. One of the beautiful things about being human is that we’re capable of holding both joy and sadness simultaneously.

  23. Who on earth talks about joy during a crisis? Someone who has been through enough crisis to know the power of a smile or a laugh.

  24. Human beings have an incredible ability to hold both joy and pain simultaneously; don’t dismiss one simply because you feel the other.

  25. We are only ever in control of ourselves and our actions in the moment. That statement holds utter limitation or ultimate opportunity, and the only thing that will decide which way it lands in your life is how you choose to view those words.

    30 Best Quotes From Didn't See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

  26. Good things will always be available to you if you look for them.

  27. Not making a decision is a decision in itself. Not choosing to get help is choosing to stay stuck. Not standing back up is what is keeping you on the ground.

  28. Humans can endure anything so long as they cling to hope for what tomorrow will bring.

  29. There is goodness in this world and there is light inside you still, even if it’s been dimmed—even if others have tried to extinguish it completely.

  30. This life you’re living is a wildly precious gift that most people take for granted. Don’t take it for granted.

    30 Best Quotes From Didn't See That Coming By Rachel Hollis

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