30 Best Quotes From Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given is here to remind us that everyone is valuable as they are and we owe the world nothing, least of all pretty.

This book is a primer on modern feminism for the Instagram generation encouraging us to question the insidious narratives that would hold us back from self-acceptance, self-love, and our own power.

Florence Given explores all corners of the conversation, from overcoming insecurity projection and the tendency to find comfort in other women’s flaws to how to recognize and fight against the male gaze and other toxic cultural baggage and embracing sex and body positivity.

Scroll down and read 30 quotes from Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given.

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30 Quotes from Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

  1. Life is too short not to love the shit out of yourself.

  2. Temporary discomfort is an investment in your future self. Accept a small and uncomfortable transition now, for a lifetime of growth and self-development.

  3. When people shut you down for “speaking up”, it’s because they want the status quo to be maintained. It’s a tactic as old as time. Stay headstrong. Keep going.

  4. Feeling guilty for past mistakes and behaviours does nothing for you or the people you harmed, unless it is accompanied by changed behaviour.

  5. Stop surrounding yourself with people who make you question your worth, and fill your life instead with people who choose to remind you of it – while simultaneously holding you accountable when you mess up. Both these things are acts of love.

  6. You do not have to shrink yourself down to make others feel better about themselves.

  7. Speak up. Say something. Your words have the power to change the fucking world.

  8. Don’t be a passenger in your own life.

  9. If we can learn to view other women as opportunities for inspiration and empowerment in our own lives and realize that there is enough room for all of us to be happy, the relationships and bonds we form together will be unstoppable.

  10. The way people treat you is absolutely no reflection of you, your worth or your value.

  11. Choosing yourself will always disappoint some people. The sooner we accept this and make peace with it, the better.

  12. Get over the need to please everyone you meet. Start living for yourself.

  13. You are never going to be your best if subconsciously you’re trying to be someone else’s best. Because you’ll never be just like them – just like they’ll never be just like you.

  14. If you are subconsciously seeking someone to “make you whole”, you’re not ready for a relationship.

  15. To practise self-love and protect your energy, you need to start implementing boundaries with the people you surround yourself with. Remember: those who do not respect them do not deserve to know you.

  16. Respect yourself and your energy better than freely giving it to people who have no intention of reciprocating. Don’t devalue it like that.

  17. If protecting your energy and refusing to entertain things that don’t nourish your soul makes you a “bitch” – then go ahead, be a bitch.

  18. It is imperative that we normalize masturbation for all women. Because if we can normalize masturbation we also normalize female sexuality and with that, be viewed as people who enjoy sex too as opposed to passive objects to have sex with.

  19. A woman should have the right to choose what she wants for herself, just as men have the right to.

  20. Rape culture is maintained because we fear the consequences of simply saying “no” in the first place.

  21. We spend money and energy keeping ourselves safe from men, and yet still – we are paid less than them.

  22. If you have a clitoris, get to know it.

  23. If you ever uncover parts of yourself that make you feel electric, in a world that thrives and evolves at the expense of your insecurities, please cherish them. These are your best bits.

  24. Stop putting up with things you don’t have to put up with.

  25. Men rarely need to “make time for themselves” because they have built-in self-care. It’s called women.

  26. A woman is so much more than her relationship status. It’s literally the least interesting thing about her.

  27. But remember that anyone who tells you you’re “too” anything is using the word because they are threatened by your capacity to grow, evolve and express your emotions.

  28. You are not a source of energy for others to take. This is your table, you set the standards and you choose who gets a seat. 

  29. Promise yourself to stop buying into people’s potential. You’re not a start-up investor.

  30. Don’t be afraid. By questioning everything, you can only become a more refined version of your already incredible self.

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