10 Words To Avoid When Manifesting

Your words have power! The words you say can either manifest miracles or chaos. Here are 10 words to avoid when manifesting.

Your words are one of your most powerful tools because you can literally speak things into existence using the Law of Attraction.

According to the Law of Vibration, everything vibrates at a specific frequency, and yes – this includes your words.

The words that come out of your mouth are a direct reflection of your energetic vibration.

And the higher the vibration you are in, the more positive the outcomes you attract.

But far too often, we talk about what we don’t want rather than what we do want.

The only way to reverse this negative pattern is to understand what kind of words attracts our desires, and what kind of words resists our desires.

Read below for 10 words to avoid when you are manifesting.

1. Don’t

woman writing

The first word to avoid when manifesting is the word don’t.

When you say I don’t want something, you’re focusing on something you don’t want rather than something you do want.

And according to the Law of Attraction, you attract toward you the thoughts that you think.

Instead of saying I don’t, affirm what you desire by saying I do.

2. Can’t

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The second word to avoid when manifesting is the word can’t.

When you say something can’t happen, your attention is focused on what you don’t want to happen rather than what you do want to happen.

And according to the Law of Attraction, what you believe you receive.

Instead of saying can’t, call in what you desire by saying can.

3. He/She/They

woman praying

The third word to avoid when manifesting is he, she, or they—statements directed at other people’s thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

As a manifestor, you have to know that your external reality is a direct reflection of your inner state.

So your goal is not to change other people, but to change your own perception so that your external circumstances can reflect back to you the energy you’re putting out.

Frame your affirmations using I or me, so they revolve around your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

As I teach in my book, Feeling Good, by making positive shifts to your internal state, your external circumstances will begin to shift along with it.

4. Maybe

man sitting on a stool

The fourth word to avoid when manifesting is the word maybe.

The word maybe implies that you’re not really sure what you want.

As I teach in my manifestation course, the first step to manifesting is to get clear about what you want.

Being crystal clear about what you want to manifest helps you get into the feeling of that experience and attract it into your reality.

And if you don’t know what you want, it will be impossible for you to achieve vibrational alignment with your desire.

So take some time to focus on one specific desire and clarify what you want in your manifestation journal.

The more details you write down, the easier it will be to align your energy with your desire.

5. Not

girl thinking

The fifth word to avoid when manifesting is the word not.

In the English language, we often use the word not to negate a statement.

While this word may seem harmless on the surface, you’re actually giving attention to the thing you don’t want subconsciously.

According to the Law of Attraction, when you focus on the lack of something, you’re giving attention to it and attracting more of that lack into your reality.

For example, if you want to manifest clear skin, don’t use an affirmation such as: “I don’t want to get acne!”.

Your subconscious mind ignores words like don’t and your attention is on getting acne. In fact, when you remove the word don’t, the affirmation will say “I want to get acne!”.

Reframe that affirmation to focus on what you want: “I have clear and radiant skin.”

Instead of focusing on what you don’t want or don’t have, make sure your affirmations focus on what you want.

6. Will

girl thinking

The sixth word to avoid when manifesting is the word will.

The word will implies an occurrence in the future, but the key to manifesting is to act and feel as if you have already manifested your desire.

If you have read my book, Feeling Good, you will know the importance of visualization for manifesting what you want. 

Visualization helps you get into vibrational alignment with your desire by cultivating the feeling of experiencing your desire as if it has manifested.

The more you embody the positive feelings of experiencing your desire, the closer you are to manifesting your desire.

Instead of saying will, affirm the desire in the present by saying am, is, or are.

7. Going To

girl thinking

The seventh word to avoid when manifesting is the phrase going to.

The phrase going to implies something is going to happen in the future, but it is not happening now.

This is similar to will meaning it prevents you from getting into vibrational alignment with your manifestation.

Instead of saying going to, affirm the desire in the present by saying am, is, or are.

If you’re not quite ready to affirm the desire in the present, use these gentle phrases to frame your manifestations instead:  I am willing to… or I choose to…

8. Wish

man praying

The eighth word to avoid when manifesting is the word wish.

Wish implies a lack of certainty in the outcome.

You hope something will happen, but you’re not really sure that it will.

This lack of certainty can cause you to doubt your manifestation and lower your energetic alignment with your desire.

Instead of saying wish, express your certainty in your manifestation by saying know.

9. Need

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The ninth word to avoid when manifesting is the word need.

Need implies an attachment to a specific outcome.

When you’re unwilling to let go of the outcome, your energy is controlling and fearful. You may be constantly worrying about whether your desire will manifest or not.

This low vibrational energy creates huge resistance against your desire.

Instead of saying need, surrender your desire by saying I want this (or something better).

10. Must

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The tenth word to avoid when manifesting is the word must.

The word must implies resistance to other creative possibilities.

Even though you may have a very specific outcome in mind, I want you to stay open to all the possibilities that are out there.

You don’t want to let your attachment get in the way of your manifestation.

When you let go of what you think you need, you become open to receiving what is of the highest good for all.

So the lesson here is to let go and release the outcome into the care of the Universe.

Trust that your energy will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

While you are waiting for your manifestation, keep your vibration high using these I Am affirmationsprayers to the Universe, or affirmation cards to detach from the outcome and maintain your vibrational alignment with what you want.