30 Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

Live Free by DeVon Franklin teaches you the secret to living a happier life by getting rid of as many expectations as possible.

Having so many expectations is distorting your perspective, decreasing your happiness, and disrupting your joy. 

You can live a life of true freedom, greater peace, and less stress by releasing as many expectations as possible.

In a culture obsessed with more, Live Free is a bold counterintuitive book that can start a cultural revolution.

Everyone struggles with unnecessary expectations. But once you learn to let go of them, you can set the stage for the life you’ve always wanted. 

Scroll down and read 30 quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin.

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Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin 

  1. To live free means you are not under the mental, physical, or emotional control of anyone or anything. You live according to the expectations you choose.Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

  2. Expectations are weights. They can weigh us down physically. They can weigh us down mentally. They can weigh us down spiritually.

  3. At whatever stage of our journey we’re on, finding unconditional self-love and acceptance is the first step toward the confidence that will allow us to be our best selves.

  4. We have to give ourselves permission to be free—letting go of any and all expectations that we did not set for ourselves and do not agree with and instead allowing ourselves to think and live how we choose, not how others have chosen for us to live.

  5. Nothing you do will have a greater impact on what you leave behind than stopping right now and setting your expectations for yourself.Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

  6. Your expectations are the secret software running on the hardware of your mind. They control your emotions, decisions, and actions. They distort your perspective. They drive your choices. They influence your feelings about outcomes, often in ways you aren’t even aware of.

  7. It’s actually possible to reprogram your software, and the benefits are life-changing, bringing freedom not only for you but for those you love too.

  8. Are you going to live the life you expect to live or the life that’s expected of you?

  9. When it comes to determining which expectations you should release and which you can keep and set, the rule is simple: you should choose only those expectations that bring you joy. Release any expectations that cause you pain or discomfort.

  10. Are you going to be someone you’re not for the rest of your life, just to be accepted?Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

  11. Unset expectations are a massive liability for you. They can create pressure, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness in your life, sometimes without you even being aware of what’s at the root of these problems.

  12. The key to your happiness is to carefully set all of your expectations for yourself.

  13. It can be easier to go along with the expectations of others, even if it’s uncomfortable, than to face the challenge of stopping and building our own lives, based on our true calling. But we must stop in order to do so.

  14. Love yourself enough that you don’t allow your family to become your god.

  15. It’s your life to live. Don’t let anyone else live it for you.Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

  16. Your independence is not meant to hurt them, but to enable your own freedom.

  17. Don’t lower your expectations of what can happen in your life because of what hasn’t yet happened in your life.

  18. Live like what you expect to happen will happen, even before it happens.

  19. Expectation with no participation equals devastation.

  20. Some of life’s lowest moments become our greatest teachers.Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

  21. Your problems are the path to the blessings you seek, not the obstacle to them.

  22. The more you heal today the more your future self will thank you tomorrow.

  23. The secret to success in relationships is taking your focus off the other person and putting it on yourself, where you actually have control.

  24. You control the process. Think of the process as the result, and you will become more successful.

  25. Don’t play the victim. Play the victor. You are not the villain of your story. You are the hero.Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

  26. If you have too many unset expectations, you will create fake goals—goals that look good but aren’t.

  27. There’s nothing more disappointing than a life unfulfilled.

  28. If you don’t bend, you’ll break. In life you must be flexible.

  29. Everything that happens to us is really happening for us.

  30. Living free is not living with no expectations, but living by your set expectations.Quotes from Live Free by DeVon Franklin

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