Circumstances Don’t Matter: How To Manifest Anything

Circumstances don’t matter when it comes to manifesting. This blog post will explain why that is and how to ignore your circumstances when manifesting.

What Does ‘Circumstances Don’t Matter’ Mean When Manifesting?

The meaning of ‘circumstances don’t matter’ is your circumstances have no effect on what you can manifest in the future.

Why is that? Because circumstances do not create your reality. It’s your thoughts about your circumstances that create your reality and you always have a choice in what you choose to think.

The biggest reason why people fail to manifest what they want is that they are not deliberate with their thoughts.

Instead of choosing thoughts that are in alignment with what they want, they react to their circumstances and allow them to trigger their negative thoughts.

Let’s take the example of someone who has just had a bad fight with their partner.

An unconscious manifestor may react to this circumstance with negative thoughts like, “My partner is going to break up with me,” and manifest more negative outcomes.

But a conscious manifestor may react to this circumstance with positive thoughts like, “This is an opportunity for us to grow stronger as a couple,” And manifest more positive outcomes.

As you can see, the circumstances have no effect on your thoughts. You can always choose the direction of your thoughts and therefore create your own reality.

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How To Ignore Circumstances When Manifesting

Step 1. Identify The Circumstances That Are Triggering You

The first step to ignoring your circumstances when manifesting is to identify the circumstance that is triggering your negative thoughts.

A circumstance is a fact that can be proven in a court of law. For example, You just broke up with your partner, you lost your job, or you have $500 in your bank account.

Circumstances are neutral. That means they’re neither good nor bad. Circumstances only become good or bad based on the thoughts we have about them.

This step is really important because manifesting is all about changing your thoughts, not your circumstances.

A lot of people fall into the trap of trying to change their circumstances when they should be changing their thoughts about the circumstances instead.

What you resist will persist. You must accept your circumstances as they are in order to change them.

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Step 2. Identify The Negative Thoughts Triggered By Your Circumstances

The second step to ignoring your circumstances when manifesting is to identify all your negative thoughts that are being triggered by your circumstances.

Thoughts are sentences in your head. For example, thinking that you’re terrible at relationships after a breakup is a thought. That is your opinion. You are choosing to think this thought but you have the power to choose another one.

Remember that circumstances are neutral. Nothing that happens in your life is good or bad until you decide to have a thought about it to make it that way.

Ask yourself, “How does this circumstance make me feel? What do I believe to be true as a result of this circumstance?”

So let’s take the example of someone who wants to manifest a relationship after a bad breakup.  As a result of the breakup, their thoughts may look something like this.

  • Relationships never work out for me
  • I am bad at relationships
  • I am not good enough
  • I guess I’ll be alone forever
  • Why even bother with relationships anymore?
  • There is no hope for me

Notice how each of these thoughts is negative, disempowering, and misaligned with the desire to be in a relationship.

When it comes to manifesting, what you believe is what you will receive.

If you allow your circumstances to trigger these negative thoughts within you, you will simply manifest more of what you don’t want.

Now, these thoughts may feel true or even logical as a result of your circumstances. But just because something feels true doesn’t mean it is true.

These are all thoughts and the good thing about thoughts is that you can change them.

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Step 3. Flip Each Limiting Thought To A Positive One

The third step to ignoring your circumstances when manifesting is to flip each limiting thought into a more positive one.

To change your future circumstances, you must start by changing your thoughts about the circumstances.

Take each limiting thought you wrote down and decide what your thought will be. Then you need to start replacing the old thought with the new thought on a daily basis.

Use this question to come up with your positive thoughts: As the version of you who already manifested what you wanted, what are the thoughts that you would believe to be true?

So going back to that example of someone who wants to manifest a relationship after a bad breakup. As the version of them who already manifested their ideal relationship with the partner of their dreams, what are the thoughts they would believe to be true?

Some thoughts that your ideal self might believe in are:

  • Relationships always work out for me
  • I am great at relationships
  • I am enough
  • I always knew I will find my person
  • I am getting better at relationships every day
  • There is so much hope for me

Notice how much more positive and empowering these thoughts are. These thoughts are exactly the kind of thoughts you need to focus on if you want to manifest what you want.

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Step 4. Replace Your New Thoughts Until You Believe In Them

The final step is to repeat your new thoughts until you believe in them.

Say your new thoughts to yourself as often as you can. Do it first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep.

Set up reminders on your phone. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror.

The more you repeat a thought, the quicker it becomes a belief. When a desire becomes a belief, it must manifest in your life. This is the law.

Besides repeating your new thought on a daily basis, another important but often neglected aspect of changing negative thought patterns is to need to actively interrupt your negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts.

As you work on changing your limiting thoughts, your mind will resist you. Why? Because you are so used to thinking in that old way and the mind loves what is familiar.

If your mind could choose, it will stay with what’s familiar and never go to what’s unfamiliar.

If you want to change your mind, you must commit to changing your thoughts and replacing them with your new thoughts even if it feels unnatural or difficult.

You cannot stop your negative thoughts. The only way to stop your negative thoughts is to replace them with something else.

If you feel a sense of relief after replacing a negative thought with a more positive one, that’s a sign that your mind is beginning to accept the new thought as your truth.

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