3 Steps To Heal From A Breakup Spiritually

Want to move on from a breakup spiritually? Here are 3 steps to heal from a breakup spiritually.

Breakups are painful. So our immediate reaction to a breakup is to try to fix it in any way we can.

But taking action from a place of low vibration is a recipe for more chaos.

As students of manifestation, we know that to change our external circumstances, we must first change our internal state—our spirit.

We must release the negative energetic hold the breakup has on us in order to attract more positive outcomes.

Here are 3 steps to take to heal your spirit after a breakup.

1. Recognize The Lessons Behind The Breakup

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The first step to healing from a breakup spiritually is to recognize the breakup as a spiritual lesson from the Universe.

Sometimes, obstacles are divinely placed into your life to reveal the parts of you that you still need to heal or work on.

The same obstacle will continue to show up again and again until you are willing to accept the assignment behind it.

These obstacles may show up in the form of a person, a situation, or in this case, a breakup.

Breakups are never one-sided and there are important lessons to be learned by each partner.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can you own your part in this situation?
  • Are you willing to forgive your partner?
  • Are you willing to forgive yourself?
  • Are you making your partner the source of your happiness?
  • How can you use this opportunity to love yourself more?

Answer these questions above truthfully and the lessons you need to learn will be revealed to you.

You may be resistant to the idea that the breakup is a spiritual lesson, but the moment you recognize it as an opportunity for growth, you transform this negative story into a positive one.

Instead of seeing the breakup as something that happened to you, you can perceive the breakup as something that happened for you.

This shift in perception is a miracle on the energetic level, which then allows miracles to take place on the physical level.

By changing the way you think, you shift your energy back into vibrational alignment with the loving presence of the Universe.

In this aligned state, you can surrender false stories from the past and co-create a new one with the Universe.

2. Clarify What You Actually What

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The second step to healing from a breakup spiritually is to clarify what you really want.

Ask yourself this question: Do you want a partner or do you want the feeling of being in love with a partner?

Most of us will choose the latter because love is what we actually desire—the partner is simply a vehicle for love.

We think we want a partner, but in reality, we actually want the love, the joy, the happiness of being with a partner.

As I teach in my book Feeling Good, manifestation occurs on the level of energy.

You must get into vibrational alignment with the energy you want to experience to attract the outcomes that are a vibrational match for you.

In the case of romantic relationships, the desire is the high vibrational energies of love, joy, and happiness.

So to move forward and manifest the relationship that’s right for you, you must align yourself with energies you want to experience.

There are many ways to raise your vibration including visualizationmanifestation meditation, and affirmations for healing after breakup.

Once you are in alignment with high vibrational energy, the Universe will use the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration to deliver you the people, the situations, the experiences that are a vibrational match for you.

3. Stay Open To Creative Possibilities

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The final step to healing from a breakup spiritually is to stay open to creative possibilities.

Even though you may have a very specific idea of what love looks like in your mind, I want you to stay open to all the possibilities that are available for you.

As I teach in my manifestation course, attachment to a specific outcome blocks you from seeing the other opportunities that are out there.

Don’t let your attachment to one specific outcome get in the way of your manifestation.

The relationship that you desire may manifest in ways beyond your wildest dreams.

Perhaps you will meet someone at your local coffee shop. Maybe you will find your perfect match on a dating app.

Or perhaps your ex will go on their own spiritual path and be ready to begin again with renewed energy.

Get out of your own way by surrendering your plans, timelines, and outcomes to the Universe.

By staying open to the infinite possibilities that are out there, you become receptive to all situations, opportunities, and people that serve your highest good.

While you are waiting for your manifestation, keep your vibration high using these I Am affirmationsprayers for miracles, or affirmation cards to detach from the outcome and maintain your vibrational alignment with love.