The Perfect Gift for Each Enneagram Type

Ever wondered how to show your loved ones you care about them in a way they’d most appreciate? No need to guess anymore. Below, you’ll find five things each Enneagram type will love you for giving them, and most of them will cost you nothing and only require a bit of time and effort. Start by incorporating the easy suggestions into your day. Try the last one or two when you want to give them a huge present. Keep reading and discover that perfect gift for each Enneagram type now.

Gift Ideas For Each Enneagram Type

Gifts For Enneagram Type 1 – The Reformer

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Notice their efforts and thank them for the excellent job they’ve done. They want to hear they’re making a difference.

Show them you respect their need for order and cleanliness and clean up after yourself.

Finish your share of responsibilities and commitments. They will feel valued when they see you aren’t leaving them with all the work.

Ask them what gift they’d like, or listen for any hints dropped, and buy it for them. Don’t try to guess since they won’t appreciate a gift they didn’t want.

Take them for a planned weekend away from all their responsibilities. Tell them first. Surprises aren’t their strong point.


Gifts For Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper

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Offer to bring them something they would appreciate such as a cup of coffee. They’re reluctant to admit their own needs but will feel loved knowing you thought of them.

Tell them how much they mean to you, how much they add to your life and what you appreciate about them. The more specific you get, the more valued they’ll feel.

Take the time to ask about their needs and feelings and show them that you care by really listening to what they have to say.

Pamper them with a gift. Make it personal by adding a note expressing how special they are to you.

For a special treat, plan a night out together. They love spending time connecting with their loved ones, especially if they don’t have to work out the technicalities.


Gifts For Enneagram Type 3 – The Achiever

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The perfect gift for Enneagram Type 3’s celebrates their small accomplishments to show them you notice and appreciate them.

Leave notes around expressing that you love them for who they are and reminding them they don’t have to earn your love through their achievements.

Help them focus on their work. Clear their surroundings of distractions and avoid interrupting while they’re working.

Think about their latest goal and buy a gift to help them be more successful in it.

Invite their close friends over for game night. Competition is their strong point so choose a game you know they’re good at.


Gifts For Enneagram Type 4 – The Individualist

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Find reasons to compliment them. Show them they mean a lot to you and they aren’t invisible.

Listen to their feelings without judgment. It’s the deepest part of who they are and by accepting your feelings they feel you’re accepting them.

Encourage them to find a hobby as a way of expression and buy gifts to help them along with it.

Spend time together advancing a creative interest of theirs to show them you value their individuality.

Create a scrapbook or photo book filled with memories of both of you. The more thoughtfulness and memories wrapped in it, the better.

Gifts For Enneagram Type 5 – The Investigator

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Speak to them about topics that matter to them or ideas they find interesting.

Ask for their advice. Let them see that you believe they’re capable and you rely on them.

Keep your conversation as brief and to the point as possible. Long conversations drain them, especially if they involve emotions.

A good gift idea for Type 5’s is something they can use in their alone time so they can recharge comfortably. Try a new book, a logic puzzle, new headphones, or any other gift they’d enjoy.

Create a room or space that’s only theirs and they can escape into without fear of interruption


Gifts For Enneagram Type 6 – The Loyalist

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The perfect presents for Enneagram Type 6’s are gestures that make them feel safe.

Tell them you’re committed to your relationships and that you value and appreciate them.

Put aside time to hang out together. No need to go anywhere. A familiar, low-pressure environment often allows them to relax more since there are no unknown details to worry about.

Take care of one of their responsibilities instead of them. They’re constantly aware of all that needs to be done and this will give them the feeling that you see them and care enough to help.

Schedule your upcoming week with them so they have the comfort of knowing what to expect and don’t have to keep guessing.

Plan an outing and take them along. Think through all the details so they can relax and enjoy without stress.

Gifts For Enneagram Type 7 – The Enthusiast

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Laugh at their jokes, enjoy life with them, and appreciate their spontaneity. They get a thrill out of having a good time with people they care about.

Support their need for freedom and let them leave without asking where they’re going or when they’ll be back.

Buy them a gift that they will be able to enjoy with others. Confetti poppers, a funny group game, or renting a moon bounce all make the cut. Or anything else they’d find exciting.

Invite their friends over and throw them a surprise party. Make sure to bring balloons, streamers, and loud music, to maximize the excitement.

Take them on a trip with a group of friends. Make it a surprise. Don’t worry about the details, just choose somewhere, and go for it.


Gifts For Enneagram Type 8 – The Challenger

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Leave them a note saying you love, respect, and care for them. Tell them they make you proud.

Notice when they are challenging you and hold your ground. They want you to stand up for yourself.

Ask them what gift they’d appreciate, buy it for them, and add a note saying you care and are thinking of them.

Join them in a debate. Practice standing up to each other with conviction and respect.

Go out with them on a day trip. Allow them to decide what to do and where to go and follow along.


Gifts For Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker

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Tell them that they matter, and you value them for just being themselves and that they add so much to your life.

Ask for their cooperation instead of taking it for granted. They’re usually happy to help but want to feel they have a say in the matter.

Encourage them to take time to themselves that’s free of others’ expectations of them.

Buy them gifts that help them feel relaxed and comforted. A fuzzy blanket. The food they enjoy. Or anything else that will give them a warm feeling.

Go somewhere relaxing with them. Ask them if they have a preference and when they say they don’t, choose somewhere you think they’d enjoy.

I hope these tips help you find that perfect gift for your loved ones according to their enneagram type.

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