Why Printable Planners Are Better Than Paper Planners

Have you ever purchased a planner but end up never using it? Well you may be a good candidate for printable planners.

I’ll be the first one to admit this! I usually start off well and use it for a few months religiously. But eventually, the excitement of the planner wears off and it ends up collecting dust on my desk. 

This is why I have now converted to printable planners. Printable planners a great because you just print it out and use it WHEN you need it. 

Once you purchase a printable, it’s yours forever. You can print out as many copies as you need.

What Are Printable Planners?

Daily Printable Planners

Printable planners are a digital template that you can download online. Most of them come PDF format. Once you purchase the printable planner file, you can download it, print it out, and start planning! 

Many printable planners have additional features such as being compatible with tablet devices or can be edited before printing.

What Are Paper Planners?

Paper planners are the traditional physical planners you can purchase from a store. Most people have used some form of a paper planner in their life.

For example, many students use an agenda to track their homework and assignments from school.

Printable Planners VS Paper Planners

Cost: Printable planners are often much more affordable than traditional paper planners. Most printables range from $2-5 but a paper planner can run you up to $30! 

Durability: Most printable planners are undated so they last forever! Once you purchase it, you can print it and use it as many times as you need. Paper planners are often calendarized so you will have to purchase a new one every year which is expensive and bad for the environment.

Formats: While paper planners only come in physical format, printables are flexible when it comes to how you use it. 

For example, The Millennial Grind’s printable planners can be used in 3 ways:

  • Physical: Print it out and handwrite on it like a paper planner.
  • Digital: Import into your tablet or iPad and annotate using your tablet pencil. 
  • Fill & Print: Plan in advance by filling in your planner using your computer before printing. This is a great way to use them if your handwriting isn’t the best!

Features: This is where printables truly shine! Most paper planners offer basic features such as monthly, weekly, and daily planning, but there is much more variety when it comes to printable planners. 

Here are some of the planners we offer:

Ease of Use: This is where paper planners shine. You just need to purchase one from a store and some stationary and you’re ready to go. With printables, you’ll have to print it out yourself before using it.

Shop: The Millennial Grind Printables Collection

The Millennial Grind Etsy Store for Printable Planners

If you’re looking for printable planners that are functional and affordable, then you should head to our Etsy store right now!

We offer digital planners and printables for every occasion. Our designs are minimal and clean so they are suitable for everyone.

All of our printables are fillable using Adobe Reader so you can edit and fill them in BEFORE printing for a beautiful presentation.

You can annotate our planners using your tablet or iPad. Alternatively, you can print them out and using it as a paper planner if you prefer handwriting over typing.

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