10 Prayers To The Universe You Can Use Anytime

The Universe is always responding to your energy – whether you are aware of it or not. Prayers to the Universe are the best way to directly communicate with this higher power and shift your energy from fear to faith.

Prayer is an act of surrender because you are professing your faith in a higher power and you trust that this higher power will lead you toward the highest good for all.

The key to prayer is to do it often, and not just when you need something. Are you more likely going to respond to that friend who only reaches out when he or she needs something or a friend who is always here for you?

Treat your relationship with the Universe like a two-way street and you will feel supported in your daily life. Here are 10 Prayers To The Universe You Can Use Anytime.

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10 Powerful Prayers To The Universe

Prayers for Surrender

1. Universe, I surrender my agendas, timelines, and desires to you. I trust that you are leading me towards solutions of the highest good for all.

2. Universe, I step back and let you lead the way.

Prayers for Releasing Judgment

3. Universe, I’m ready to surrender my judgment. I welcome the presence of love to guide me back to truth and grace.

4. Thank you, Universe, for helping me heal this. I forgive this thought, and I choose to see love instead.

Prayers for Shattering Limiting Beliefs

5. I surrender the false perceptions I have placed upon myself. I forgive these thoughts and I know that I am love.

6. Universe, I release my fear and I am ready to choose love instead.

Prayers for Letting Go of Fear

7. Universe, I realize I am out of alignment with my true nature. Help me see this from the perspective of love instead.

8. Thank you, Universe, for guiding me to perceive this fear through the eyes of love.

Prayers for Obstacles

9. Thank you, Universe, for helping me see this obstacle as an opportunity. I will step back and let you lead the way.

10. Universe, help me see beyond my limitations. Expand my perceptions so that I can return to love.

Should You Pray To The Universe or God?

Man Wearing Bonnet and Hoodie

There are no rules when it comes to praying to a higher power. You are free to refer to it as The Universe, God, Inner Guide, or any name that resonates with you.

If the name Universe doesn’t resonate with you, replace the prayers above with the name that does resonate with you.

The most important part here is that you are comfortable with the name and building a relationship with it. 

Many people get hung up on using the proper name but this is just a distraction from building a spiritual relationship.

It doesn’t matter what name you use as long as it feels good. After all, being committed to joy and love is the first step to spiritual alignment.

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  2. I’m so grateful for this, Kenneth 🙏 The prayers to the Universe have helped me a LOT! I have one next to my coffee machine and at ease just looking at it. Thank you!! Have a beautiful day!!

  3. Hi, this site how to manifest is really good. So many doubts, confusion I had seems to clarify here. I recently started to manifest but every time I felt it wasn’t the right way. I felt a strain while doing it. My mind is not at ease for which I couldn’t do it too may IFs and how will I mange is in my head. But after reading here I feel I have my answers now. Specially the prayer to the Universe is really good. So I shall start with that again. Thanks!

  4. I’m thankful, this is really helpful .I experience super natural turnaround for the very first time in my entire life.
    more blessings to the author and the universe itself.

  5. Hi Kenneth, I needed help with my past relationship. My gf who’s 29 and I’m 22 would of been together for 3 years but after my car accident in March 2020 things went downhill where I felt I lost something inside of me and I started dragging my gf along where she wanted clarity of what was going to happen and I couldn’t give it to her. She felt used and I was just having her around to fill the void. I expressed to her recently that wasn’t the case but I didn’t know how to tell her I needed time to understand and better myself. For 7-8 months we were not speaking and she last asked before those 7-8 months what was going to happen I told her to not worry about it. (Big mistake) she than instilled that in her head where recently I wanted to show her I want to do right and I needed to better myself but now she doesn’t want a relationship right now, she said in the future she wants to work it out with me but right now she just wants a friend. She makes it a little confusing because one day she’ll throw hints that she misses me and the next day she’ll say she’s not focusing on trying to work anything out at this time and she feels forced to even do certain things with me. I’m confused and sometimes I feel I deserve this and I’m trying not to be negative, I have faith she just needs time to think things out and we will get back on track. What do you think is best for me to do?

    1. The best thing you can do is be happy. Happy people attract happiness. Do things for you and only you. Pick up your hobbies, books, exercise, all the things you love to do for yourself and for no one else. Take care of yourself first, keep your eyes on your own page and keep your side of the street clean. Once you stop worrying about the things you have ZERO control over, namely your “girlfriend”, things will fall into place. You cannot make her love you. There is no gesture grand enough to sway her feelings about the relationship you have. And most likely someone who really wants to be with you and truly loves youwill come along once you become a happy, while and healthy person. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

    1. I am extremely fortunate to be connected to the UNIVERSE, all situations faced by me day to day get resolved very smoothly. I write gratitude everyday and I can feel the universal power working and my mind is absolutely peaceful.

    1. Hi Albert.
      The power of universe is to make everything possible. Just stay connected with the universe everything u ask will come true 100 percent.

      1. How do you stay true how do you know if your grounded where you should be …what if everything always goes bad in your home where you live how do you say a prayer to bring your children back in your life to stay and how do you make all the negative situations leave you alone.

  6. I enjoyed this very helpful information! It answered my questions! I hadn’t prayed in a while because I was unsure what to say! Now I am clear! I miss prayer! Thank You

    1. Hi, Elisa. I’m so glad this brought you back to the practice of prayer. Thank you so much for reading, love.

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