How Long Does It Take To Manifest Something

How long does it take to manifest something? Well, it depends on what you’re manifesting. 

A higher state of vibration can manifest instantly but a physical experience will take longer to manifest.

This all comes down to energy.

As I teach in my book Feeling Good, the Law of Attraction fundamentally applies to the level of energy.

Physical things (like people and objects) have much denser energy compared to non-physical things (like thoughts and emotions).

The denser the energy, the longer it will take to attract it into your reality.

But the good news is that your energetic vibration is constantly attracting physical experiences that are a vibrational match for it.

This means that as long as you focus on manifesting positive thoughts and emotions (which can be manifested quickly compared to a physical desire), your physical desire is sure to follow.

The Buffer of Timegirl thinking

One of the biggest and most common obstacles before manifestations is time.

This time gap between the asking of your desire and the receiving of the physical manifestation of your desire is what Abraham Hicks calls the buffer of time.

In order to fully receive your manifestation, you must not only align with the positive vibration of your desires but also maintain that positive vibration.

While some people may perceive the buffer of time as one of the major blocks to manifesting, it is actually a blessing in disguise.

Try applying the buffer of time to the manifestation of the things that you don’t want.

Without the buffer of time, any accidental detours into negativity will instantly manifest people, situations, and outcomes that you don’t want.

And trust me—you do not want that.

The lesson here is to simply be patient and allow the attraction process to unfold naturally.

Keep doing your part vibrationally and let the Universe handle the rest.

How To Let Go Of Timemen holding newspaper

When you question how long it will take to manifest your desire, it’s a sign that your vibration is in a state of uncertainty, doubt, and fear.

You are uncertain if your desire will manifest.

You have doubts about whether your manifestation is working.

You fear that your desire will not manifest.

All of these thoughts are indicators that you are out of vibrational alignment with your desire.

Instead of attracting the manifestation of your desire, you’re creating resistance against it.

You attract what you feel—not what you want.

So the key to effortless manifestation is to feel good.

When you make it your only goal to reach for better-feeling vibration, your manifestation literally cannot fail.

Prioritizing the manifestation of positive feelings like joy and appreciation takes the pressure off your manifestation.

This helps you release the need to control the timing because you’re already experiencing the positive feelings of your desire as if you manifested it.

This state of high vibration unblocks all resistance and allows your desire to come into form.

So the next time you catch yourself questioning the timing of your manifestation, use it as your opportunity to realign your energy.

Use this affirmation to release time and let the Universe lead the way, “Universe, I recognize that I am out of alignment with my desire. I surrender my timelines and choose to see peace instead.”

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