30 Best Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson shows you how to bring the mystical into the everyday.

The book focuses on stories of people who have experienced uncanny revelations and instances of unexplained synchronicity.

Understanding “the secret language of the universe” is a gift available to all. As you learn to ask for and recognize signs from the other side, you will start to find meaning where before there was only confusion, and see light in the darkness. 

This is a book that is inspiring and practical, deeply comforting and wonderfully motivational, in asking you to see beyond yourself to a more magnificent universal design.

Scroll down and read 30 quotes from Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson.

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30 Quotes from Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

  1. Each of us has a Team of Light—a group of unseen helpers who work together to guide us to our highest path. This team is made up of our loved ones who have crossed, our spirit guides (also commonly known as guardian angels), a higher angelic realm, and God energy, which is based in the strongest force there is or ever will be: love.Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

  2. The universe is constantly loving and supporting and guiding us, even on our darkest days.

  3. The universe brings the people, information, and events we most need into our paths. Powerful guiding forces exist that steer us toward happier and more authentic lives.

  4. Earth is a school where we are all learning a collective lesson in love. We are spiritual beings here to learn about connectivity and kindness.

  5. A sign is a message sent to you by the universe.Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

  6. We are all leaves on different branches of the same tree. We are never alone. Each of our lives matters greatly. We are forever connected to one another, and to the light and love and energy of the universe.

  7. We are meant to shine our truest light fully and bravely in this world.
  8. The signs are there. The affirmations are there. The love is there. All we need to do is learn how to receive it.
  9. When we shed our bodies, we all become part of the same universal life force—a massive swirl of light and love and energy.
  10. When you ask for signs from the Universe, the Universe speaks back.Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

  11. We are connected to God energy. We are connected to the angelic realm and to our spirit guides on the Other Side. And we are connected to our loved ones who have crossed. Together, these forces of love make up our Teams of Light.
  12. We receive signs from God energy, which is what I mean when I say signs from the universe. This is the highest and most powerful source of love, and we are each directly connected to it, and also to one another through it.
  13. We need to be open to the people being steered into our paths, because those people may have been sent to help us heal and grow.
  14. The Other Side does not wait until we are perfectly open to receiving signs. Our loved ones and spirit guides will send us signs and messages whenever we truly need them, ready or not.
  15. If something happens that strikes you as totally odds-defying, chances are the Other Side has just worked its magic.
    Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson
  16. Not every sign needs to be a showstopper. The tiniest, most common, least glamorous thing or being or event can also be a major sign. An ant can be a sign, or a cotton ball, or a button. Sometimes what’s exceptional about a sign is not the sign itself, but its timing.
  17. The love we hold in our hearts on this earth does not disappear into nothingness when we cross—it travels with us and becomes a part of the massive, universal life force that is the collection of all of our love and light.
  18. One of the central truths about signs is that they don’t always accomplish what they attempt to the first time around. So it’s not uncommon for the Other Side to send us the same sign over and over again. Or it could be that the Other Side simply wants to reinforce the message or the greeting it is sending.
  19. Intuitive pulls are the way the Other Side tries to protect us from wrong or harmful decisions on earth.
  20. Signs give us meaning in moments when there seems to be no meaning to be found.
    Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson
  21. But the truth is that we can all be light workers and connectors. The universe is ready to use every one of us. We just have to be ready to join one another’s Teams of Light.
  22. So if you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and don’t know where to turn for help, turn to your Team of Light. Think of it as a prayer if you’d like. Be specific, and be honest. And ask for the help you need.
  23. Our Teams of Light will always try to steer us toward the love-based decision and pull us toward the answers that already reside inside our heart of hearts.
  24. For inside each of us, there is a connection to a deep and beautiful wellspring of love and knowing. Sometimes, it’s finding a way to be silent enough to hear the tiny whispers that matters most of all.
  25. Sometimes a sign can be just a tiny whisper in our heart. An inner pull, a soft voice, or a gut feeling. All we need to do is learn how to trust it, to remain open to it, to listen for it, and to honor it when we feel it or hear it.Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

  26. None of us is alone. No life is meant to be lived solitarily. No existence is unimportant or meaningless. We are all connected to one another, and to the forces of light and love on the Other Side. And through these connections—through these binding cords of light between us—we achieve a spiritual wellness and personal authenticity that make us far more potent and influential than we ever could be without them.
  27. The concept of a higher power has different names in different cultures and belief systems—and there are a host of different ways of honoring it. The names and rituals matter much less than the basic belief that a higher power exists. It is there, loving us, available to us, everywhere and all the time.
  28. Praying strengthens us and connects us, always. So pray, and pray hard. And know that you are always heard.
  29. Our loved ones on the Other Side are hard at work trying to steer us to happiness, and our Teams of Light are plotting ways to move us onto our highest paths. These things are happening around us every day, and it is up to us to be open to them—to be mindful of them.
  30. Understanding the secret language of the universe helps guide us onto our highest path, and reassures us that we are not alone.Quotes From Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

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