30 Motivational Quotes from Dream Big by Bob Goff

In Dream Big, Bob Goff is on a mission to help people recapture the version of their lives they dreamed about before fear started calling the shots. He wants them to dream big. This book takes you on a life-proven journey to rediscover your dreams and turn them into reality. Dream Big is the only book you need to uncover the wild and exciting dream for your life you’ve hidden from yourself–and help you take the steps necessary to achieve it. Scroll down to read 30 Motivational Quotes from Dream Big by Bob Goff.

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30 Quotes from Dream Big by Bob Goff

  1. If you are serious about your dream, surround yourself with people who love you well.

    Quotes from Dream Big by Bob Goff

  2. If God answered every one of your prayers, would it change anybody’s life except your own?

  3. Don’t waste another moment without getting to know yourself. You’re worth it.

  4. It takes courage to get honest about your location.

  5. If you have ever called yourself a couch potato, think again. I don’t care who you are; you’re making moves. We all are.

  6. We can’t get on the path toward our ambitions without figuring out where we are.

  7. Where you are today is simply the harbor from which your ship is about to sail.

  8. Some of your ambitions are going to take time or a little creativity to figure out. Don’t quit on them. Wake up to new ways to get there, then do what it takes so you’re ready when your time comes.

  9. The best engine to drive our ambitions is a strong sense of purpose.

  10. There’s a big difference between waving at Jesus and following Him.

    Quotes from Dream Big by Bob Goff

  11. It doesn’t matter who you were; God cares about who you are becoming.

  12. Taking a genuine interest in others’ ambitions can unleash yours.

  13. If you want to find more purpose in your life, help others find the path forward with their ambitions.

  14. You can’t achieve an ambition without choosing it first.

  15. It’s fun to sit and daydream, but if that’s all we do, we’re not really on the path to accomplishing anything.

  16. The path to your ambitions isn’t linear; keep moving toward them.

  17. Celebrate every small piece of progress, even if there are nine hundred and ninety-nine more things to do.

  18. Figure out what’s holding you back.

  19. Fears don’t really get fully conquered; they’re just understood and given less power.

  20. Figure out your fears, kick them in the teeth, and get back to work. You’re not a hostage anymore.

    Quotes from Dream Big by Bob Goff

  21. You can’t change what happened yesterday or five minutes ago. But tomorrow is all yours, and it’s up to you to decide what happens next.

  22. The way to start something new is to quit something else.

  23. The minute between planning and taking action is the difference between daydreamers and real dreamers.

  24. A beautiful truth is that once you get your ambitions in your sights, no amount of failure will keep you from trying again.

  25. There’s no way your ambition can take flight without you taking action.

  26. Some things we try will work; others won’t. It’s that simple. Learn what you can from the successes or setbacks and move on.

  27. Our failures don’t define us; they inform us.

  28. Cultivate things in your life that are taller and truer than the failure you’re standing next to.

  29. Anchor yourself to the right things.

  30. Sometimes the biggest ambition starts with the smallest whisper.

    Quotes from Dream Big by Bob Goff

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