50 Universe Has Your Back Quotes by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein provides a framework for releasing the blocks to what everyone most longs for: happiness, security, and clear direction.

These lessons can help us relinquish the need to control in order to relax into a sense of certainty and freedom–to stop chasing life and truly live.

This Book Will Teach You How To:

  • Ride the swell of your energy and true power to find strength when you are down
  • Find synchronicity and support when you are lost
  • Feel inner peace in the face of uncertainty
  • Discover joy in what might otherwise be pain

Bernstein has secrets to reveal, and she is determined to unleash the presence of your power with the comforting knowledge that the Universe has your back.

Keep scrolling to read the top 50 Inspirational Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.

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50 Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back

  1. Your presence is your power.

    Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

  2. Joy is our birthright. What blocks our joy is our separation from love.

  3. Trust that your wounds are exactly as the Universe planned. They were divinely placed in your life in the perfect order so that you could show up for them with love and remember the light within.

  4. In the midst of the darkness, grab a flashlight.

  5. In every situation you have two choices: Will you learn through fear or will you learn through love?

  6. I witness that I’m out of alignment with my power. I choose to see peace instead of this.

  7. When we surrender our will to the power of the universe, we receive miracles.

  8. We are not responsible for what our eyes are seeing. We are responsible for how we perceive what we are seeing.

  9. Be mindful of how your thoughts, words, and energy disconnect you from the Universe.

  10. It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

    Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

  11. Thank you, Universe, for helping me see this obstacle as an opportunity. I will step back and let you lead the way.

  12. Hope reminds us of the power of love and clears the path toward the highest good for all.

  13. I recognize that I have chosen wrongly, I forgive this thought, and I choose again.

  14. Your purpose is to be joyful. Your purpose is to live with ease. Your purpose is to surrender to the love of the Universe so you can live a happy life.

  15. Accept the purpose of love, and your life will radically change this instant.

  16. Honor the trauma, honor the pain, and honor the fear, knowing that all along the peace of love was always shining through you.

  17. Thank you, Universe, for transforming limitation and doubt into creative possibilities.

  18. To truly say yes to the love of the Universe means you have to look at your resistance and give up a thought system that you mistakenly identified as safety, security, and the foundation of your life.

  19. Instead of obsessing about the outcome, focus on how you want to feel.

  20. When you dwell in an energy of positivity and power, you become a magnet for miracles.

    Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

  21. It’s our resistance to love that keeps us in the dark.

  22. When you redirect your focus off what you’re going to “get” and onto how you want to feel, the Universe can get involved in the co-creation.

  23. Our happiness, success, and safety can be measured by our genuine capacity to tune in to the loving vibration of the universe.

  24. The universe will always conspire to lead you toward solutions of the highest good when you open up to receive them.

  25. Meditation and prayer open you up to the power of the Universe.

  26. The presence of fear shows up when you’re not relying on the Universe.

  27. Your projection is your perception. Become aware of the fear-based stories you’ve been projecting on your internal movie screen.

  28. When we surrender our will to the power of the universe, we receive miracles.

  29. Synchronicity, guidance, healing, and abundance are available to us all the time. All we need to do is tune in to the energy of the Universe so that we can get into the flow with the supportive, loving energy. When we’re in alignment with this energy, life becomes a happy dream.

  30. The moment you realign with love and stop relying on your own strength, clear direction will be presented. The presence of love will always cast out fear.

    Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

  31. When you begin to dance with the energy of the Universe, your life flows naturally, incredible synchronicity presents itself, creative solutions abound, and you experience freedom.

  32. You see the world that you have made, but you do not see yourself as the image-maker.

  33. Through the power of your intentions you can reorganize your energy in an instant. Remember that your intentions create your reality.

  34. What we focus on we create—be it good or bad.

  35. The universe is our classroom, and when we accept our role as the happy learner, life gets really groovy.

  36. In any given situation, we can choose the teacher of fear or we can choose the loving guidance of the Universe.

  37. When we choose the universe as our teacher, we can see with the eyes of love.

  38. The same way that we manifest love by aligning with the Universe, we manifest chaos when we align with fear. We’re always manifesting either love or fear. It’s up to us to decide how we want to create our reality.

  39. In any moment, no matter how far down the negative path of fear you’ve gone, you can choose again. You can always choose again.

  40. The Holy Instant is the moment that you surrender your fear to the care of the Universe and accept the perspective of love.

    Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

  41. Our happiness is a direct reflection of how quickly we can restore our fear back to love.

  42. The miracle isn’t how well we avoid fear; the miracle is how quickly we return to love.

  43. The universe is always responding to the energy behind your beliefs.

  44. If you’re aligned with a belief system of fear, then your experiences will be backed with fear. If you retrain yourself to choose love, then you’ll experience life through the lens of love.

  45. When we choose to perceive the world with love, we can completely reorganize our experience of life.

  46. Most important, accept that you have the right to be happy. You have the right to thrive, shine, and succeed.

  47. Choose the teacher of love. Accept that you’d rather learn through love.

  48. The world is your classroom, and people are your assignments.

  49. Freedom from the past is available to you when you show up for the assignments in the present.

  50. You are the dreamer of your dream. Create visions of the world you want to see.

    Quotes from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

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