Essential Work From Home Gadgets for Each Enneagram Type

If you’ve been forced to work from home due to the pandemic, then your office has changed drastically. By learning what your enneagram type needs, you can easily find the best work from home gadgets for your home office.

Our list of the essential work from home gadgets for each enneagram type is the perfect starting point!

New to Enneagram? The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. Everyone is characterized as one of the nine types. Conversely, people can have characteristics of multiple types. Simply put, the Enneagram an essential guide for your journey of self-discovery.

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Essential Work From Home Gadgets for Each Enneagram Type

Type One – The Reformer
Type One - Reformer, girl shaking hand

Source: Pexels

Description: Reformers are known for being rational and idealistic. Type Ones are also extremely detail-oriented individuals, who seek order and structure in their lives. On the flip side, this can result in hypercritical Reformers, who constantly seek self-improvement. 

Type Ones will love this ultra-cute rose gold desk organizer. It’s designed with 5 independent compartments and one organizer drawer. This great office organizer kit offers storage space for folders, papers, pens, and more. As a result, with this one simple kit, Reformers can easily up their organization game.

Type Two – The Helper
Best Planner for Enneagram Type Two - Helper, girl holding sparklers

Source: Pexels

Description: Next up are Helpers, who can simply be described as selfless. They are the kind of people who always want the best for others. Equally, Type twos love connecting with friends and colleagues, as they are friendly and kind-hearted.

The Umbra Gala desktop photo holder is an excellent choice for Helpers. It has a contemporary look, with seven metal photo clips plus a ceramic cup for keeping pens. That means Type Twos can keep all of their favorite memories with friends and family right at their desks.

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Type Three – The Achiever
Type Three - Achiever

Source: Pexels

Description: Achievers love to lead and take pride in their successes. These hard workers are career-oriented. Consequently, Type Threes will make any sacrifice needed to achieve their goals. However, this can also be detrimental, as it may result in feeling overwhelmed.

Type Threes will never lose their to-do list again with this to-do list mouse pad. The functional design will help Achievers stay organized and on top of things. On top of that, it also has a spot for a pen and different categories for to-do lists.

Type Four – The Individualist
Best Planner for Enneagram Type Four -

Source: Pexels

Description: Meanwhile, Type Fours see themselves as being different from others, which is why they’re called Individualists. Known for being sensitive and withdrawn, Type Fours pride themselves in taking the road less traveled. As a result, Individualists prefer to express themselves through creativity. 

Creative Type Fours will love this Coffee Animals Colouring Book! The 52-page book is chalked full of cute animals and coffee ready to be colored in. Most importantly, it also has some coffee recipes to try as well! The coloring book is a fun way for Individualists to relax after a long day at work.

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Type Five – The Investigator
Enneagram Type Five

Source: Pexels

Description: Type Fives are always searching for answers. They want to understand why things are the way they are, which is why they are known as Investigators. Also, they enjoy immersing themselves in observations and contemplation. 

The best work from home gadgets for Type Fives is a Rocketbook reusable smart notebook. This 42-page notebook has 7 different page styles for goal setting, note-taking, sketching, and sharing big ideas. Investigators can take as many notes as they need while keeping everything neatly stored on the cloud. Best of all, these notebooks are reusable so they’re great for the planet!

Type Six – The Loyalist
2020 Planner for Loyalists Enneagram

Source: Pexels

Description: Loyalists are incredibly trustworthy and reliable. When they aren’t working, Type Sixes devote themselves to friends and family, as well. Above all, they desire a sense of security and love to feel supported by others.

These wall grid panels are the perfect desk accessory for Loyalists. The pack of 2 panels are easy to install and will instantly add space to any home office. Type Sixes can keep photos of their friends and family by their side throughout the workday with these simple panels. Furthermore, the panels are great for posting notes or reminders.

Type Seven – The Enthusiast
Type Seven Enneagram

Source: Pexels

Description: Simply put, Type Sevens are the life of the party. These extroverted lovers of life are always ready for the next big adventure or experience. Although Enthusiasts tend to be optimistic and curious, they can also be scattered and distracted. 

That’s why the Productivity Planner is a great choice for Type Sevens. The planner includes Pomodoro time tracking, structured task lists, as well as motivational quotes. Easily distracted Enthusiasts can have more productive days with this great planner.

Type Eight – The Challenger
Enneagram Type Eight - 2020 Planner

Source: Pexels

Description: As the name suggests, Challengers are known for being powerful and dominant. Hardworking and self-reliant, Type Eights love to be in charge and find competition motivating. However, Challengers find it difficult to control their tempers.

This gorgeous desktop essential oil diffuser is a perfect office staple for Challengers. The ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffuser has a unique metal art cover with a multicolor effect. As a result, it looks super cute in any home office. This means Type Eights can use different scents to boost their focus or help them wind-down after a busy day at work. 

Type Nine – The Peacemaker
Best Planner According to your Enneagram Type

Source: Pexels

Description: Finally, Type Nines are easy-going and trusting. Also, they are creative, supportive, and hate confrontation. As a result, they can sometimes lose themselves by agreeing with others just to avoid conflict.

Optimistic Type Nines will love these inspirational word art cards. The set includes 12 unique and interchangeable art cards. Additionally, each card has beautifully designed full-color graphics and is gold-foil stamped. Not only will these cards look great in any office, but they’ll also motivate Peacemakers to power through their most hectic days.


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