How To Persist When Using The Law of Assumption In 3 Steps

Want to persist in your assumption when manifesting? Here’s how to persist when using the Law of Assumption in 3 steps.

Persistence is key when it comes to using the Law of Assumption.

When you shift your assumptions, the universe will reorganize itself to serve the fulfillment of that assumption.

Your only job is to persist in this assumption until your external reality becomes a direct reflection of your internal state.

But what often happens is we allow our assumptions to get derailed by external factors which interrupt our manifestations.

Read below and learn how to persist when using the Law of Assumption in 3 steps.

1. Ignore Your Current Reality

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The first way to persist when using the Law of Assumption is to ignore your external reality—whatever it looks like right now.

The Law of Assumption states nothing exists outside of your own consciousness and your entire experience of the world is simply a projection of your internal consciousness.

So your current reality is just a projection of your past assumptions.

Many of us were taught to use external evidence to confirm our assumptions.

But the Law of Assumption suggests using our assumptions to confirm external evidence.

When you begin to shift your internal state, your external reality will begin to shift along with it.

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2. Say Yes To Everything

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The second way to persist when using the Law of Assumption is to say yes to everything that comes your way.

When you shift your internal state, your reality will begin to reorganize itself to align with your new assumptions.

This may result in the sudden emergence of new opportunities that seem outside of your comfort zone.

This is why it’s so important to say yes and go for these opportunities.

Don’t let your fear block you from receiving what you asked for.

Trust that everything that comes your way is directly leading you toward the fulfillment of the assumptions you hold.

3. Always Return To Your Assumption

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The final way to persist when using the Law of Assumption is to always return to your assumption.

The fact that your assumptions can change is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because you can change your reality by changing your assumptions.

But it’s also a curse because your assumptions can be influenced by external factors such as people, situations, and experiences.

This is why you have to make it a priority to ground yourself in the assumption that serves you in every moment.

Use this mantra every day to affirm your power to shape your reality, “My external reality is a direct reflection of my internal state. I am the ultimate creator of my reality.”

As I explain in my book Feeling Good, what you believe you will receive.

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