5 Law of Assumption Success Stories (They Got Their SP Back!)

If you’re wondering if the Law of Assumption is real then you’ve got to read these amazing success stories. All of these individuals have successfully used the Law of Assumption to manifest their specific person back!

If they can do it, so can you.

The Law of Assumption is a universal law which means that it is always working and it applies to every single person—including you!

Use these success stories to remind yourself that you have the power to create your reality and that what you believe you will receive.

Success Story #1: She Manifested Her SP Back In 22 Days

This Reddit user manifested her specific person back in just 22 days. 22 days! Isn’t that insane!

Give her success story a read and allow it to inspire you to work on assumptions.

She attributes her success to following a strict mental diet and daily affirmations.

I love how detailed her story is.

Follow her guidance step-by-step and you might just get the same results as her.

Success Story #2:  She Manifested A Text From Her SP In 24 Hours

This Reddit user, Diane Kingley, manifested an apologetic text from her SP in less than 24 hours! Isn’t that wild?

The technique she used was to visualize receiving an apology from her man while playing music.

She allowed herself to connect to her emotions.

Finally, she let go and dive into SATS until she fell asleep.

SATS means state akin to sleep which means when you are relaxed and half-asleep.

Success Story #3: She Manifested Her SP Back After A Bad Breakup

This Reddit user manifested her man back after a breakup in 4 weeks.

The craziest thing is that the exact scene she imagined in her visualization is what manifested!

She visualized her specific person kissing her neck and telling her he loves her a lot and that’s exactly what manifested.

If you want to manifest your specific person coming back, you have to visualize how your life would be as if your desire has already manifested. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to do this, give this Neville Goddard manifestation method a read.


Success Story #4: How He Manifested His Girl Back

This Reddit User successfully used the Law of Assumption to manifest his girlfriend back into his life.

Here are the 3 biggest takeaways from his success story:

Focus on letting the old story go. The past no longer exists! Unless you bring it up again in the present moment.

Self-love is like working out at the gym. It takes time, effort, and commitment to get started but it does get easier.

Techniques are not the magic pill—you are! Techniques make it easier to help you create new beliefs. You are the operative word here. In order to see change, you must change first.

Success Story #5: He Manifested His SP Who Rejected Him Before

This Reddit user manifested his SP who rejected him for so long.

The key to his success was he decided to drop the old story of being a victim and create a new story where he is the creator of his reality.

He clarified what he wanted and he did not entertain any other thoughts that were against his story.

Again, you can see the power of mental diets when it comes to manifesting.

The bulk of work when manifesting has to do with changing the direction of your thoughts.

The more you stay in a victim mentality, the more you attract experiences that seem to be outside of your control.

But when you own your birthright as a deliberate creator, you attract experiences that are exactly what you want.