How To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy In 3 Steps

Want to protect yourself from negative energy? This blog post will teach you how to release negativity quickly.

Whether you are aware of it or not, we’re assaulted by negative energy all the time.

From the latest headlines to the latest gossip on social media, the world seems to thrive on negativity.

And if we are not conscious enough to step back and protect our energetic alignment—we’ll get swept into the downward spiral quickly.

This misaligned energy then manifests itself as stress, anxiety, and fear.

It robs us of our joy and stunts our manifestation power by throwing us out of alignment with our desires.

This is why we need to make it a priority to protect our energy at all costs.

Here are three steps you can take to transmute negativity into positivity.

1. Witness The Negativity

The first step to protecting yourself from negative energy is to be willing to witness the negativity.

Our natural tendency is to run away from negativity, but this does not serve us.

In fact, ignoring it only allows the negative energy to pick up more momentum as a result of the Law of Attraction.

As the old saying goes, “You gotta feel it to heal it.”

This is why it’s so important to call out misaligned energy the moment you recognize it shows up.

This negativity may come from a family member, a friend, social media, the news, or your ego (the voice of fear within you).

The most tell-tale sign of the presence of a negative story is discomfort.

As I teach in my book Feeling Good, your Inner Guide is constantly interpreting the energy around you and relaying this information back to you in the form of positive or negative feelings.

So if a situation is causing a disturbance in you, that’s a sign that you do something to shift your energy.

2. Release The Negative Story

woman standing

The second step to protecting yourself from negative energy is to release the negative story.

Use this affirmation to deny any thoughts that do not serve you, “I do not claim this story. I’m willing to see this differently.”

Use this affirmation whenever you hear or read something that doesn’t serve you.

Saw a negative story on the news? Use the affirmation.

Heard a negative story from a co-worker? Use the affirmation.

Future tripping about something stressful? Use the affirmation.

This affirmation is so powerful because it interrupts the downward momentum of negative thoughts and invokes the guidance within to help us perceive the situation from a more positive lens.

3. Celebrate Your Shift

girl dancing in front of a mirror

The final step to protecting yourself from negative energy is to celebrate your shift.

Be proud of yourself for taking these steps to protect your energy!

It takes spiritual commitment and conscious awareness to release negative energy and protect your alignment with the loving presence of the Universe.

The more you honor the guidance from your Inner Guide (which comes to you in the form of feelings), the easier it will be to recognize the negative energy around you.

Soon, you’ll be able to spot negativity from a mile away which allows you to avoid or even repel them.

Contrary to what some people believe, protecting your energy is not a form of denial.

The purpose of this work is not to deny reality but to deny the negative effects it has on our energy.

Remember that our energy is constantly attracting situations, outcomes, and experiences that are a vibrational match for it.

When we commit to staying in alignment with positive energy, we naturally manifest solutions of the highest good.

This means that doing the work to protect your energy is actually the highest form of service to yourself and the world.