How To Use The Place Mat Process By Abraham Hicks (Template Included)

What Is The Place Mat Process

Place Mat Process

The Place Mat Process helps you identify your objects of desire and get out of the way of letting them happen.

Transferring items to the Universe’s side of the placemat provides relief from feelings of stress and softens your resistance.

In the absence of resistance, your point of attraction shifts, and you begin to allow the realization of your desires.

The Place Mat is one of the 22 manifestation processes taught by Abraham Hicks in the book Ask and It Is Given.

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When To Use The Place Mat Process

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  • When you want to more effectively utilize your Universal Manager.
  • When you want to create your own reality more through the flowing of Energy.
  • When you want to create your own reality less through the offering of your own action.
  • When you feel you have too much to do.
  • When you want more time to do more things that bring you pleasure.

How To Use The Place Mat Process

Place Mat Process

Step 1: Take a moment to brainstorm all things you need to do or want to accomplish today.

Step 2: Select only those things that you absolutely intend to do today and write them down on the left side of your Place Mat. These are things you feel you must do. Things you really want to do.

Step 3: Then enter all other tasks on the Universe’s side of your placemat.

Step 4: Focus on completing your tasks only and allow the Universe to take care of the other tasks.

The Place Mat Process Template

Place Mat Process

Use this Place Mat Process Template to do less and attract more using the power of the Law of Attraction.

You can print it out directly or fill it out digitally before printing.

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