22 Abraham Hicks Manifestation Techniques From Ask And It Is given

If you want to manifest what you want, you should incorporate these 22 manifestation techniques into your life.

These 22 manifestation exercises are based on the international best-selling book “Ask and It Is Given” written by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

The Hicks are world-renowned teachers on the law of attraction. Many people consider this book as one of the essential readings when it comes to learning about manifesting and the law of attraction.

Ask and It Is Given” offers the reader 22 manifestation techniques and exercises to practice and apply the concepts of the law of attraction in their daily lives.

These manifestation techniques are practical, easy, and fun.

The main benefit of these exercises is to make you feel good by lifting your vibration so you can allow your manifestations to come into form.

Here are 22 manifestation techniques you should practice if you want to manifest what you want.

22 Manifestation Techniques By Abraham Hicks

1. The Rampage of Appreciation

Silhouette of Man Raising His Hands

When To Use It: When you want to go from a good feeling into an even better one or when you want to maintain your high vibrations.

How To Use It: Look around your surroundings and focus on something that pleases you.

Hold your attention to it and consider how good, useful, or beautiful it is.

Notice how great it feels to actively express your appreciation.

Once you notice your good feeling is stronger than when you first began the exercise, move onto another pleasing object, and continue with your rampage of appreciation.

Gratitude is one of the fundamental manifestation techniques you can learn.

2. The Magical Creation Box

Light Inside Chest Box

When To Use It: Use this manifestation technique whenever you want to do a fun activity to visualize your desires and clarify what you want with specific details.

How To Use It: Find a beautiful box and gather clippings of pictures, words, or affirmations that align with your desires.

Whenever you see something that resonates with you, clip it out, and drop it into your Creation Box.

Each time you put something in, say “Whatever is contained in this box—IS!”.

Trust that whatever you put into this box, the Universe will deliver to you.

3. The Creative Workshop

Man Wearing Black and White Stripe Shirt Looking at White Printer Papers on the Wall

When To Use It: When you want to gain clarity on what you want in the primary areas of your life.

How To Use It: Grab a piece of paper and divide it into four quadrants. Label them with the following headings: Body, Home, Relationships, and Work. 

Under each heading, write down your desires related to that area of your life. Besides each desire, write down why you want it.

This manifestation technique helps you focus your attention on the desires related to the four main areas of your life.

Go to this blog post to learn more about the Creative Workshop and get the template for it.

4. Virtual Reality

Woman Practicing Yoga

When To Use It: Use this manifestation exercise when you want to visualize a pleasant experience and practice aligning your vibration with your desires.

How To Use It: Sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and imagine a reality where you are thriving and feeling good. 

Use your imagination and supplement your visualization with as many details as possible. Focus on the location, the people, the smell, the sights, the sounds, and how good you feel.

The purpose of this manifestation exercise is to cause you to activate the vibrations within you that put you in the place of allowing your manifestation to come into existence.

5. The Prosperity Game

Person Holding 100 Us Dollar Banknotes

When To Use It: Use this manifestation exercise if you want to manifest abundance by acting as if you are financially abundant.

How To Use It: Grab a piece of paper and make it your imaginary bank account.

On day 1, you’ll deposit $1,000 and spend $1,000. Use your imagination and go all-out when it comes to describing how you spend that money.

On day 2, you’ll deposit $2,000 and spend $2,000 and describe how you spend it again. Repeat this exercise daily.

This exercise helps you act as-if and align with the energy of abundance so you can manifest abundance into your life.

6. The Process of Meditation

Woman in Black Tank Top and Black Pants Sitting on Concrete Floor

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

When To Use It: When you want to release all negative thoughts and restore your natural high-vibration state.

How To Use It: Sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.

Observe any thoughts that come up and gently shift your attention back to your breathing.

Meditate every day for 10 to 15 minutes for the best results.

By quieting your thoughts, you unblock your resistance to the flow of good vibration that is your birthright.

7. Evaluating Dreams

White Bedspread Beside Glass Sliding Door

When To Use It: When you want to understand the meaning behind your dreams and how your dreams relate to your manifestations.

How To Use It: 

Your dreams are direct reflections of the thoughts you have been thinking.

Before you go to bed, acknowledge that your dreams accurately reflect your thoughts and feelings (vibration).

When you wake up, recall last night’s dream and how you felt during the dream.

Let your dreams tell you whether you’re aligned or misaligned with the vibration of your desires.

If your dream was filled with love and good feelings, you can be confident that you are aligned with the manifestation of your desires.

If your dream was filled with fear and negative feelings, know that you are resisting the manifestation of your desires.

8. The Book of Positive Aspects

Book of Positive Aspects Example

When To Use It: Use this manifestation technique whenever you want to focus your attention on appreciation and ride the positive wave of good feelings.

How To Use It: Find a notebook and use it as your Book of Positive Aspects. 

At the top of the page, write the name of someone or something that you always feel good about.

Then, respond to these 3 questions: What do I like about you? Why do I love you so much? What are your positive aspects?

Write as long as the thoughts flow. When you’re finished, move on to the next page and write about another person or object. 

The more positive aspects you search for, the more you are going to find. This is how the law of attraction works. 

By writing in your Book of Positive Aspects, you activate the high vibration of well-being and make appreciation a natural part of your thoughts.

Go to this blog post to learn more about the Book of Positive Aspects process.

9. Scripting

Photo Of Person Holding Cup

When To Use It: When you want to visualize your desires by writing about the specific details of what you would like to manifest into your reality.

How To Use It: Grab a piece of paper and describe in detail your dream life exactly as you want it to be.

Pretend that whatever you write on the piece of paper will manifest exactly as you write it.

Scripting will help you break your habit of being stuck in how things are and focus on how you would like things to be.

10. The Place Mat Process

Student writing in organizer while sitting on picnic rug

When To Use It: Use this manifestation technique when you feel overwhelmed with your obligations and to-dos.

How To Use It: Take a piece of paper and divide it into two sides. One side is for the Things I Will Do Today. The other side is for Things I Would Like The Universe To Do.

Take your to-do list and assign your tasks to a side of the paper. 

Only put the obligations you must do or things you really want to do on your side, and assign all the remaining tasks to the Universe’s side.

This exercise will help you spend your time and effort efficiently and learn to lean on the Universe for support and guidance.

11. Segment Intending

Man Wearing Black Crew-neck Shirt and Black Jeans

When To Use It: Use this manifestation technique when you want to prepare or protect your good vibration before a future event.

How To Use It: Think ahead in your day and be aware of any future events that you’ll like to enter into with good vibration or has the potential to lower your vibration.

Define how you want to feel and set mental boundaries that can protect your energy.

Otherwise, your current vibration will carry into the future. For example, if you feel bad right now, you’ll likely carry the negative energy into the rest of your day unless you mentally set an intention for the future.

12. Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…?

Young woman thinking with pen while working / studying at her desk

When To Use It: Use this manifestation technique when you want to shift your focus from the absence of your desire to the presence of your desire. 

How To Use It: When you say “I want this to happen,” you emit an unspoken vibration within you that holds on to the absence of your desire. 

The strong, demanding language is resisting your manifestations from happening.

Instead of framing your desires with an “I want” or an “I need” statement, reframe it using “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?”.

This reframing of your desires softens your request to the Universe and puts you in a better vibration. A vibration that is a closer match with your desires.

13. Which Thought Feels Better?

Clear Light Bulb on Black Surface

When To Use It: Use this manifestation technique when you want to get out of low vibration by reaching for a better feeling thought. 

How To Use It: Take a piece of paper and write your thoughts down.

After you have written the first thought, write a second one related to it. Then evaluate which thought feels better. 

If the second thought feels better than the first thought, continue writing down the next best feeling thought.

If the second thought feels worse than the first thought, reframe and take your thoughts in a different direction.

14. The Process of Clearing Clutter for Clarity

Female shopaholic with laptop shopping online in messy living room

When To Use It: Use this manifestation exercise when you feel stressed out by a cluttered environment.

How To Use It: A cluttered environment can lower your vibration because they can take away from your enjoyment of the present moment.

If you’re easily stressed when it comes to organizing, simply take a few empty boxes and put any object you don’t immediately need into the boxes.

Put the boxes in storage and go through them for a thorough organization only when you’re feeling up to the task.

15. The Wallet Process

Photograph of Person Holding Black Leather Wallet with Money

When To Use It: Use The Wallet Process when you want to manifest more money into your experience by living in the energy of abundance.

How To Use It: Put $100 in your wallet but keep it in your wallet and don’t actually spend it.

Whenever you see something you like, remind yourself that you could purchase it if you want to because you have $100 in your wallet.

By holding the money and not spending it right away, you can increase your vibration by reminding yourself that you are abundant.

By mentally spending this money over and over again, you act as if you are financially abundant. 

16. Pivoting

Person Standing On Arrow

When To Use It: Pivoting is one of the best manifestation techniques for redirecting your vibration when you feel you’re stuck in negative emotions.

How To Use It: Whenever you feel negative emotions, take a moment to pause and ask yourself: “I know what I don’t want, so what is it that I do want?”

Let your negative feelings be your guide back to better-feeling thoughts and high vibrations. 

Negative feelings reveal to you what you don’t want, so you can clarify what it is you do want.

17. The Focus Wheel Process

Focus Wheel Template Example

When To Use It: Use the Focus Wheel Process anytime you feel negative emotion about something and you want to find your way to a positive emotion instead.

How To Use It: Draw a large circle on a piece of paper and draw a smaller circle the in center of the large circle.

In the small circle, write down a statement about how you feel right now.

Then write statements or positive affirmations related to it that make you feel good.

Imagine the large circle like a clock, and write 12 better-feeling statements starting at the 1 o’clock position.

Once you have written 12 statements, circle the statement that feels the best to you, and repeat the Focus Wheel Process by putting that statement in the middle.

This is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques for reframing your negative thoughts with more positive ones.

Go to this blog post to learn more about The Focus Wheel process.

18. Finding the Feeling-Place

Woman Relaxing in Yoga Mat

When To Use It: This manifestation technique uses visualization to shift your vibration into alignment with your desires so you can manifest what you want.

How To Use It: Instead of using words to ask the Universe for what you want, simply focus on what it feels like to be living your desire.

You can focus on a good memory, a good day, or even your future dream life.

The key is to focus on how good it feels to live in your desire than to focus on how bad it feels to live in the absence of it.

Because when you focus on feeling good, you can’t focus on the lack of your desire at the same time.

19. Releasing Resistance to Become Free of Debt

Crop payroll clerk counting money while sitting at table

When To Use It: Use this manifestation exercise when you want to experience the relief of being debt-free and feel in control of your financial situation.

How To Use It: Create a spreadsheet and make a column for each of your debt payment obligations from largest to smallest.

At the top of the spreadsheet, write this affirmation: It is my desire to keep my promise regarding all of these financial obligations, and in some cases, I will even do twice as much as is required.

Every time you pay your bills, pay at least double the minimum payment on the far right column.

By keeping your word on doubling up on the payments, you’ll feel a sense of pride and your vibration around money will shift.

By shifting your vibration, you will manifest more money in your life and eliminate the columns from your spreadsheet one by one.

20. Turning It Over to the Manager

Photo Of People Leaning On Wooden Table

When To Use It: Use this manifestation technique when you want to surrender the outcome of your manifestation to the Universe.

How To Use It: Imagine yourself as the CEO of a large corporation and you have a manager who works using the Law of Attraction on your behalf.

Every time you want to get something done, you send the request to your manager and you trust that it will get done.

Delegate your desires to your manager, and simply allow your manifestations to come true.

21. Reclaiming One’s Natural State of Health

Woman With White Sunvisor Running

When To Use It: This is one of the best manifestation techniques for health and wellness and eliminating limiting beliefs surrounding your health.

How To Use It: Lie down in a comfortable position and read these statements to yourself. Focus on your breathing and continue this exercise for 15 minutes.

• It is natural for my body to be well.

• Even if I don’t know what to do in order to get better, my body does.

• I have trillions of cells with individual Consciousness, and they know how to achieve their individual balance.

• When this condition began, I didn’t know what I know now.

• If I had known then what I know now, this condition couldn’t have gotten started.

• I don’t need to understand the cause of this illness.

• I don’t need to explain how it is that I’m experiencing this illness.

• I have only to gently, eventually, release this illness.

• It doesn’t matter that it got started, because it’s reversing its course right now.

• It’s natural that it would take some time for my body to begin to align to my improved thoughts of Well-Being.

• There’s no hurry about any of this.

• My body knows what to do.

• Well-Being is natural to me.

• My Inner Being is intricately aware of my physical body.

• My cells are asking for what they need in order to thrive, and Source Energy is answering those requests.

• I’m in very good hands.

• I will relax now, to allow communication between my body and my Source.

• My only work is to relax and breathe.

• I can do that.

• I can do that easily.

22. Moving Up The Emotional Scale

Emotional Guidance Scale

When To Use It: Use this manifestation process when you feel bad and you are having a difficult time feeling better.

How To Use It: This technique makes use of the Emotional Guidance Scale to identify your current emotions and show you the emotions that you should reach for if you want to feel better.

Having a good understanding of the Emotional Guidance Scale will be useful for practicing any of the 22 manifestation techniques.

The Emotional Guidance Scale has 22 steps:

1. Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelment
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

When you feel stuck in negative emotions, refer to the Emotional Guidance Scale, and identify where you are.

Once you have found your place on the Emotional Guidance Scale, your work is to try to find thoughts that give you a slight feeling of relief from the emotion you are feeling.

Use your thoughts, words, or positive affirmations to gently guide yourself up the scale.

I hope you find these manifestation techniques helpful. If you have any manifestation techniques of your own, feel free to share them down in the comments section.