30 Best Quotes From Miracles Now By Gabrielle Bernstein

Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein contains 108 simple techniques to combat our most common problems—stress, burnout, frustration, jealousy, resentment. The stuff we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Inspired by some of the greatest spiritual teachings, these practical, moment-to-moment tools will help you eliminate blocks and live with more ease.

They’re powerful, life-changing meditations and principles, modernized and broken down into easy-to-digest techniques to fit your lifestyle.

Scroll down to read 30 Quotes from Miracles Now By Gabrielle Bernstein.

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30 Quotes from Miracles Now By Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. Happiness is a choice you make.

  2. Relationships are assignments for growth and healing.

  3. Worry is a prayer for chaos.

  4. When you feel blocked, emotionally distressed, or overwhelmed, turn to your breath.

  5. Releasing anger from the past sets me free in the present.

  6. The key to getting what you want is to ASK FOR IT.

  7. When you allow others to support you, you support them, too.

  8. Whenever you compare yourself to others, simply say this prayer: “The light I see in them is a reflection of my inner light.”

  9. My positive energy leaves a powerful impression on the world.

  10. Ninety percent of the practice of creating new habits is just showing up.

  11. Respect your money and your money will respect you.

  12. When in doubt, say: I choose to see peace instead of this.

  13. Your presence is your power.

  14. Give more of what you want to receive.

  15. The moment we begin to celebrate ourselves and focus on our successes is the moment we begin living.

  16. Sometimes NO is the most loving response.

  17. Stillness is the key to success.

  18. In the midst of a meltdown, breathe through the discomfort and you’ll come out the other side.

  19. I let go and allow the Universe to do her thing.

  20. Obsessing over the outcome of a relationship gets in the way. Let go and allow.

  21. The qualities we don’t like in others are a disowned part of our shadow.

  22. Make decisions from a place of intuition and power.

  23. Don’t dance around the perimeter of the personyou want to be. Step in fully and completely.

  24. To truly flourish is to release all the tension thatholds you back from letting love pour throughyou.

  25. Let your relationships be your greatest learning devices for spiritual growth and healing.

  26. Trust that your gut reaction is the truthunderneath the surface of your fears.

  27. Feeling your feelings sets you free.

  28. You don’t need to find your purpose. Your purpose will find you.

  29. The simple intention to surrender control is all you need to experience miracles.

  30. Face your truth or your truth will be put back in your face.

Which quote from Miracles Now By Gabrielle Bernstein is your favorite?

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