30 Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

Healing Is the New High by Vex King will help you achieve genuine inner healing, let go of past trauma, and find clarity, resilience, and freedom.

In this book, Vex provides an experience of healing through the layers of the self using yogic principles and unique practices.

These techniques are simple, accessible, and have the power to produce exceptional results. 

Taking charge of your inner healing is one of the greatest acts of self-love.

By committing to this process and raising your vibration – the energy that courses through you and you radiate out into the world – you’ll create space to welcome more joyful experiences into your life.

Scroll down and read 30 quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King.

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Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

  1. Inner healing is the act of letting go of past conditioning, creating a new, empowering belief system for ourselves, and embracing the unknowns of the future with the confidence that we’re strong and capable – no matter what comes our way.Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

  2. As the popular saying goes, ‘hurt people hurt people.’ And in contrast, I firmly believe that healed people help people.

  3. You don’t need a guru to do inner healing work. Nor do you need to spend a huge amount of money on courses, or quit your job and find hours and hours each day to practice it.

  4. To vibrate on a high level and feel alive and rich with energy and positivity, each one of our seven bodies, or layers of the self, needs to be working in harmony with the others.

  5. Working through each layer of the self is the key to inner healing.Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

  6. The physical body holds our pain – but it can also be the key to releasing it.

  7. When someone or something hurts us, the physical body holds on to that pain. We don’t just let it go the moment the experience is over. We can let it go, later, but doing so takes awareness, willingness, and effort.

  8. We do everything we can to avoid facing our trauma, but it’s impossible to wipe it from our history. If we try to do that, or pretend to, it will always come back to bite us. Instead, we must work with it. Turn it over and look at it differently.

  9. Your vibration, your vibe, is important. It’s the energy that courses through you, and that you radiate out into the world; and by extension, it’s the same energy that you welcome back.

  10. Sometimes it hurts. Because it has to. Be patient with your emotional wounds.Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

  11. Taking charge of your inner healing is one of the greatest acts of self-love. By committing yourself to this process, you’re already lifting your vibration and creating space to welcome more joyful experiences.

  12. You can’t change your past, but you can choose to make your future a lighter place. Here’s the thing – it’s your responsibility to heal yourself.

  13. Trauma feeds the fearful, wounded aspect of the ego and drives us to make decisions based on that pain. In contrast, when intuition guides our decisions and communication, we act from a place of love and steadiness.

  14. When we carry our trauma with us it’s almost impossible not to share it – even if we try to hide it and pretend it was never there. Because that hiding, that suppression, is in itself an expression of trauma that can be transferred to other people.

  15. It’s important to understand that setting boundaries isn’t a way to get rid of people, but a way to keep them in your life without destroying your inner peace.Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

  16. The mind is flexible. It wants to learn, and it’s willing to change.

  17. You deserve to do the things that lift your spirits and soothe your soul – this healing process doesn’t have to be all hard. Life is still a big, beautiful experience to be lived! You’re still a miraculous arrangement of atoms, a unique expression of energy, and you’re meant to be here.

  18. Blaming your past for a limiting mindset doesn’t fix it. You have to seek new ways of thinking and being, and practice those new ways until they become more real to you than your old beliefs.

  19. During tough times, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you make the mistake of falling into the role of victim, you’ll continue to be treated like one. Simply do your best to keep moving forward.

  20. No matter what’s in front of us, if the lens we’re using to perceive it is cracked, it will never look and feel as good as it’s meant to. Self-care is a simple way to fill the cracks in your lens with gold.Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

  21. Your true Self may be obscured by layers of experience and expectation, but you can always return to being truly you.

  22. Those who attempt to belittle us reveal more about their own character and perception of the world than ours. Those who want to hurt the world outside of them must contain hurt in their inner world. You can only give what you have – literally and energetically.

  23. Self-care will reignite your power and connect you with the cosmic body.

  24. Nirvana is freedom. It’s not a place, but a state of the self – and an expression of being whole. Of healing.

  25. People who accept themselves can accept others. And that can change the world.Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

  26. Healing isn’t only about healing – it’s about your entire life. If you’re seeking success and have goals to achieve, it’s vital to focus your energy on your inner self. 

  27. Whenever you feel disconnected from any sense of freedom, go to the physical body and move it. Run like a wild child, swim in a river, jump up and down, work out, do yoga. Freedom in the physical body is a quick way to feel freedom on a deeper level.

  28. Off days are fine. Even off weeks, or months, or years. What’s important is that you get back in touch with your capacity to heal yourself. Remember that you are your own healer, and you have all the tools you need. So use them.

  29. The more people who accept themselves, and know how to care for themselves and heal from challenges and trauma, the better. Because each one of those people, including you, will go out into the world and radiate more love, kindness, hope, and positive innovation.

  30. The hurt, the heartache, and the hell you’ve been going through… it won’t last forever. You will heal. You will experience new highs. Your life will feel like heaven. There’s a greater plan for you.Quotes from Healing Is the New High by Vex King

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