3 Ways To Be Patient When Manifesting

Don’t let your impatience sabotage your manifestation. Read this blog post to learn 3 ways to be patient when manifesting.

Do You Need To Be Patient When Manifesting?

Yes. You need to be patient when manifesting.

Impatience is a sign that you don’t believe your desire is on its way to you. And whatever you believe you will receive.

Think about it. If you knew your desire was going to manifest no matter what, why would you feel impatient at all?

In this day and age, patience is hard to come by because we’re so used to getting what we want when we want it.

Impatience is backed by low-vibe energy like worry and fear which throws you out of vibrational alignment with your desire.

In other words, you create resistance against your manifestation when you are not patient.

But the feeling of impatience can actually be a powerful lesson to strengthen your faith in the Universe.

Thank your impatience for reminding you that peace and freedom are available to you right now if you are willing to surrender your desire.

Try out these three ways below to stay patient when manifesting.

1. Forgive Your Impatience

Woman Smiling Lying on Grass

The first way to be patient when manifesting is to forgive yourself for being impatient.

There is no shame in feeling impatient when manifesting, it happens to all of us—myself included.

So recognize that it is totally normal to feel impatient when manifesting.

When impatience show up, simply acknowledge it and forgive yourself for having the thought.

Don’t beat yourself up over it! The more negative energy you feed into it, the more you allow impatience to sabotage your manifestation.

Use this prayer to forgive yourself and clarify how you want to feel instead: I recognize I’m out of alignment with my desire. I forgive my small-minded thinking and I choose again.

2. Cultivate The Feeling of Certainty

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The second way to be patient when manifesting is to cultivate the feeling of certainty.

The reason why we feel impatient when manifesting is that we are not certain about the outcome.

So take some time to clarify what certainty means to you and how you can act as if you are certain of the outcome.

Take out your manifestation journal and answer these two prompts below.

How would you feel if you knew exactly when your manifestation would happen?

Would you feel peaceful? Surrendered? Happy? Joyful? Hopeful? Write down your answer.

How would you act if you knew exactly when your manifestation would happen?

Will you worry about it? Will you question the timing? Will you get anxious about your desire? Write it all down.

Once you have written down your answers, read them over and let the positive feeling of certainty take over.

Whenever impatience show up, turn to your journal to remind yourself how you want to feel and act.

3. Surrender Your Timelines

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The third way to be patient when manifesting is to surrender your timelines over to the care of the Universe.

The fact that we can’t control the timing of our manifestations causes many manifestors to spiral down into low vibrational emotions like fear and worry.

Low vibrational energy throws you out of alignment with your desire so you end up not manifesting what you want.

In order to receive your manifestation, you must be willing to surrender your timelines to the Universe.

Think of the Universe as your events coordinator who is managing everything in your life on your behalf.

Your only job is to stay in vibrational alignment with the loving presence of the Universe so that you can receive guidance when it arrives.

Release the when and focus on raising your vibrations through your spiritual practices such as positive affirmationsaffirmation cards, and prayers.

Trust that your manifestation is being taken care of and have faith that everything is working out for the highest good for all.