30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

Keep Moving By Maggie Smith is a deeply moving book of quotes and essays about new beginnings as opportunities for transformation.

Like kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics with gold, Keep Moving celebrates the beauty and strength on the other side of loss.

This is a book for anyone who has gone through a difficult time and is wondering: What comes next?

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30 Quotes from Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

  1. Everything is temporary. You can’t keep a white-knuckled hold on what you love or on what has hurt you. Loosen your grip on your grief today, if only a bit.

    30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

  2. Be sure of at least one thing in this moment—that you are loved and worthy of love. Hold tightly to what you know to be real and true and good about who you are. Be sure of yourself.

  3. Instead of struggling at every roadblock, make a new way entirely. Keep an open mind: even the destination may change.

  4. Get back up. Dust yourself off. Remember that you’re playing the long game, and trust that over time, the good days will outnumber the bad. Do what you can to make this day more livable than yesterday.

  5. Don’t wait for your life to magically come together—it’s your work to do. Every day, every moment, you are making your life from scratch.

    30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

  6. Do not let loss drain the color from everything. Open your eyes to the brilliance around you: it’s still here.

  7. You can think about the past, casting your mind back, or think about the future, casting your mind forward, but you live here, in the present. Keep your mind here the best you can today.

  8. It is not your job to make other people comfortable with who you are. Be wary of those who don’t want you to change or grow. Grow anyway—there is no alternative.

  9. Tell yourself kinder truths. You are not failing at life; you are reeling, sure, but you are succeeding at surviving.

  10. All you have to do today is live the best you can. Even if your best doesn’t feel like much right now, your best will get better and better. Trust that someday you will look back and realize you survived, one day at a time.

    30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

  11. Prioritize your own happiness, security, and wellness. You cannot care for anyone else until and unless you care for yourself. Secure your own mask first.

  12. Every person you encounter has a struggle, a hidden wound, something they carry that hurts them. Be kind—maybe something you do or say today will be the good medicine they need.

  13. Do not stop at the wall looming before you. Make a door. Make a door wide enough not only for you but for others.

  14. Be brave enough to ask for help when you need it. There is no merit badge for Doing All the Hard Things Alone. Reach out.

  15. Everything has been said and felt and done before—but not by you. You are the only one who can make your art, who can love in your unique way. So do it.

    30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

  16. Love is not something you earn. Love is a gift economy, like poetry. Give it away and receive it graciously. Move on from those who withhold it.

  17. Stop waiting on some grand permission to change your life. The universe is not going to tell you it’s okay. Tell yourself it’s okay.

  18. Do not give up on yourself, even if someone gave up on you. Choose yourself. Do something today, however small, to invest in your own happiness.

  19. Stop searching yourself, trying to understand why someone else treated you the way they did: the answer is not inside you, it’s inside them, out of reach. Instead, work on understanding—truly knowing—yourself.

  20. Do not talk down to yourself for struggling; the struggle is part of the transformation. Trust that the version of yourself that emerges on the other side will be stronger for it.

    30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

  21. Stop focusing on what is behind you. It’s growing smaller and smaller, miniaturizing in the distance; stop squinting at it, as if it has answers. Today, keep your eyes on where you are going, not where you have been.

  22. Your life is your own, and your work is your own, and those things can be anything you want them to be. It’s up to you.

  23. Vulnerability is strength. Do not compound your pain by being ashamed of it. Be vulnerable. Be strong.

  24. Diamonds are created from intense pressure over long periods of time; pearls are formed around irritants. Precious things are made from discomfort.

  25. Commit yourself to the present. Loosen your grip on the life you had before—before a loss, an upheaval, a change that called everything into question—so that you can be here, where you’re needed, right now.

    30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

  26. Do not wait for someone else to rescue you. Do one thing today, however small, in Operation: Save Yourself. Make a ladder, pick a lock.

  27. Do not allow someone else’s choices to ruin your waking hours or interrupt your sleep. The only words and actions you can control are your own, so focus on your own integrity, generosity, honesty. Rise above.

  28. Put one foot in front of the other and believe that the road will be there. Be proud: you are not only traveling a new road but making it as you go.

  29. An empty space is full of potential. Believe that you are making room for something. Turn on the VACANCY sign.

  30. You don’t have to be in love to have love in your life. Take stock of everything—and everyone—that fills your heart.

    30 Quotes From Keep Moving By Maggie Smith

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