30 Spiritual Journal Prompts For Growth

One of the best ways to dive deep into spirituality is to answer spiritual journal prompts.

Spiritual journal prompts challenge the way you think about spirituality and allows you to express what you are thinking on paper.

You can use spiritual journal prompts as a way to strengthen your manifestation practice and get closer into alignment with the Universe.

If you are looking for some ideas, read below for 30 spiritual journal prompts to get started.

30 Spiritual Journal Prompts

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  1. What is the meaning of a Higher Power?

  2. In what ways am I allowing the flow of the Universe?

  3. In what ways am I resisting the flow of the Universe?

  4. What would life be like if I was fully certain in God’s plan?

  5. What are 5 things I am grateful for? Why?

  6. What is my favorite positive affirmation? Why?

  7. What is my mantra in life? Why?

  8. What is the biggest miracle I have experienced?

  9. What are some limiting beliefs I need to get rid of?

  10. What is my interpretation of spiritual surrender?

  11. What is an area of my life where I could surrender more?

  12. How does surrendering to a Higher Power make me feel?

  13. Am I thinking any negative thoughts that do not serve me?

  14. What is my faith statement?

  15. What is my favorite prayer to the Universe? Why?

  16. What can I do to be of service to others?

  17. Who’s my favorite spiritual teacher? Why?

  18. What is my favorite book on spirituality? Why?

  19. How can I love myself more?

  20. In what ways have I separated from love?

  21. What does truth mean to me?

  22. What is the purpose of my life?

  23. What is my favorite way to realign with the Universe?

  24. What was the biggest spiritual lesson I had to learn?

  25. In what ways can I see the people in my life with more love?

  26. How can I make joy my highest priority?

  27. How can I be the light and serve others?

  28. Do I need to set up boundaries to safeguard my energy?

  29. Am I holding onto any judgment that needs to be released?

  30. In what ways can I get closer to God?

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