50 Marie Forleo Quotes from Everything is Figureoutable

Are you a fan of Marie Forleo? No? Well, YOU SHOULD BE; especially if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. I was so excited when I heard that Marie is finally releasing her book and I literally screamed when I read the title. Everything is Figureoutable is so iconic and it’s so Marie.

In the event that you have not heard about Marie Forleo, I highly recommend checking out her talk on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions. She talks about her five-foot-three mother’s iconic Tropicana transistor radio story and the origins of the phrase “Everything is Figureoutable.”


Anyways, I read through Marie’s book and picked out my top 50 favorite quotes from it. Although I highly recommend reading her book to get the context, stories, and exercises (Yes, she makes you actual homework in the book), these quotes will give you a little sneak peek on what to expect. I promise you these quotes will change your life or at least light a fire under your ass.

Buy the Book: Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo available now on Amazon.

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Best Quotes from Everything is Figureoutable

  1. Nothing in life is that complicated. You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is Figureoutable.

  2. No matter what you’re facing, you have what it takes to figure anything out and become the person you’re meant to be.

  3. You wouldn’t have the dream if you didn’t already have what it takes to make it happen.

  4. Ultimately, the measure of our lives is not determined by what we achieve for ourselves; it’s determined by what we share, give, and contribute to others.

  5. A fall is never final unless you stay on the ground.

Quotes on Power of Beliefs

  1. In order to change ourselves, we must first believe we can.

  2. Everything in the material world is first created on the level of thought.

  3. Nothing exists in our world that does not first exist in our minds.

  4. Beliefs are the hidden scripts that run our lives.

  5. Every belief has a consequence. Long term, your beliefs determine your destiny.

  6. When you change a belief, you change everything.

  7. All beliefs are a choice and choices can be changed.

  8. The most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself.

  9. You always have more power than you think. Your mind is the most extraordinary tool you have to shape your reality.

  10. At this very moment, you can choose to put yourself in either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. One leads to a life of pain and stagnation. The other to endless growth and fulfillment.

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Quotes on On Taking Responsibility

  1. You are 100 percent responsible for your life.

  2. Lasting happiness can only come when you take 100 percent responsibility for yourself.

  3. What’s crucial to understand is that no matter what happened in your past or what’s happening now, if you’re not at least willing to take full responsibility for your life—which includes your thoughts, feelings, and behavior—you give up the power to change it.

Quotes on On Making Time

  1. There are two kinds of people in the world: those with reasons and those with results.

  2. If it’s important enough, I’ll make the time. If not, I’ll make an excuse.

  3. It’s never about having the time, it’s about making the time.

  4. Push yourself. If you don’t strive for two free hours a day, chances are you won’t even get one.

  5. The art of eliminating excuses means embracing the fact that your dreams aren’t made or broken by anyone but you.

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Quotes on On Facing Your Fear

  1. Fear is not the enemy. Waiting to stop feeling afraid is.

  2. Action is the antidote to fear.

  3. Fear is your ally. She’s a caring messenger and supportive friend—and she’s always got your back.

  4. Nine times out of ten, our fear is directive. It’s a signpost, pointing us in the exact direction our soul wants to go.

  5. I win or I learn, but I never lose.

  6. Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.

Quotes on On Making Progress

  1. Everything worthwhile is hard. Excruciatingly hard.

  2. You never feel ready to do the important things you’re meant to do.

  3. All progress begins with a brave decision.

  4. Action spawns courage, not the other way around.

  5. You must disobey the voice in your head that says, I’m not ready yet.

  6. Progress not perfection is the only way to bridge the gap between your ability and your ambition.

  7. Real change is practically invisible as it’s happening.

  8. Giving up isn’t the same as moving on.

  9. Turn inevitable self-doubt into productive self-talk.

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Quotes on On Being Judged by Others

  1. Everything you love is despised by someone else.

  2. Human beings are judging machines. The trick is to have a sense of humor about it. Don’t personalize it, dwell on it, or indulge in it.

  3. Just because someone doesn’t like what you do doesn’t mean no one else will.

  4. A person’s opinion is not The Truth. It’s their truth. It’s unwise to waste time and emotional energy over the criticism of folks you don’t know, respect, or serve.

  5. Never give anyone the power to control your emotions.

  6. Never reply when angry, emotional, or buzzed.

Quotes on Following Your Passion

  1. Find something you are willing to stick with and work for, no matter how long it takes.

  2. The world needs that special gift that only you have.

  3. Trust that feeling. It’s your life force. Your genius. Your destiny screaming to be realized.

  4. Uncovering, developing, and sharing your gifts—that’s the whole reason you’re here on earth.

  5. Go beyond yourself. Think in terms of we, not me.

  6. Yes, the only person you can control in life is you, and you must take full responsibility for the state of your life. Always and in all ways.

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