How To Believe In The Law of Attraction In 3 Steps

Do you want to have more faith in the Law of Attraction? Here’s how to believe in the Law of Attraction in 3 steps.

If you approach the Law of Attraction with an attitude of doubt and disbelief, you will simply attract experiences that support your doubt and disbelief.

Because guess what? That’s literally how the Law of Attraction process works.

If you want to use the Law of Attraction to attract what you want, you must be willing to suspend your disbelief and recognize that it’s a law of the Universe.

When you shift your perspective from a place of disbelief to a place of belief, that’s when you open up your consciousness to perceive reality through a higher lens.

Follow these 3 steps below to strengthen your belief in the Law of Attraction.

1. Accept The Law of Attraction As A Fact Of Life

The first step to believing in the Law of Attraction is to accept the Law of Attraction as a fact of life.

Like the law of gravity, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not.

It works all the time because it’s a fact of life.

And so it is with the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, the Law of Attraction is not something you have to believe in, it’s something you have to understand.

You can use it to attract what you want and you can also use it to attract what you don’t want.

It’s a neutral law of the Universe that helps us gain deeper insight into the power of our minds and unlock our creative potential.

2. Write Down Every Manifestation

woman writing

The second step to believe in the Law of Attraction is to write down every single thing that you manifest.

In my book Feeling Good, I call this practice Miracle Log.

Your Miracle Log is a journal where you keep track of all the manifestations, synchronicities, and miraculous events that you experience.

This practice allows you to create personal proof that the Law of Attraction works for you.

Don’t discount any experiences because they are “too small” or “insignificant.”

Manifesting “smaller” things gives you the confidence and mastery to manifest the life beyond your wildest dreams.

Most of us tend to focus on what’s not working in our lives rather than what is thriving.

This is why it’s important to consciously record your manifestations so that you can remember your past successes.

When you get discouraged by the Law of Attraction process, you can turn to your Miracle Log and let your past manifestations inspire you again.

3. Get Inspired By Success Stories

women talking

The third step to believing in the Law of Attraction is to get inspired by other people’s success stories.

If you’re struggling to come up with success stories of your own, you can borrow the benefits from other people’s.

Celebrate their success as your own! Use their stories as confirmation of the power of the Law of Attraction.

Then visualize how you can apply the same principles to your own life.

There are tons of Law of Attraction success stories on the internet, YouTube, books, and podcasts.

Here are a few manifestation success stories from my readers.

I also talk about my personal success with manifestation in Feeling Good and in my manifestation online course.

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