How To Use The Creative Workshop By Abraham Hicks (Template Included)

What Is The Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop Template

The Creative Workshop is designed to help you focus on the four areas that are most important to your life experience.

The four areas are your work, relationships, home, and body.

When you make specific statements of desire, you begin to focus your energy.

And when you think about why you want those things, you soften your resistance and increase the attraction power of your thoughts which puts you into vibrational alignment with what you want.

By the Law of Attraction, the Universe delivers you outcomes that are a vibrational match for you.

The Creative Workshop is one of the 22 manifestation processes taught by Abraham Hicks in the book Ask and It Is Given.

You can earn more about the 22 manifestation techniques taught by Abraham in this blog post.

When To Use The Creative Workshop

woman writing

  • When you want to focus upon what is most important to you personally.
  • When you want to be in more deliberate control of the primary areas of your own life.
  • When you want to improve your state of allowing so that even more wonderful things can flow into your experience.
  • When you want to practice a positive point of attraction until it becomes a dominant point of attraction.

How To Use The Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop Example

Step 1. Focus on the topic on each page and write down things you desire. Write a short list of things that easily come to your mind that you desire. Do not work too hard on this list. If you cannot think of anything, move on to the next category.

Step 2. Focus on each statement that you have written and write the reasons why you want each of those things.

See the image above for an example of how to use this process for your body.

The Creative Workshop Template

The Creative Workshop Template

Use this Creative Workshop Template to raise your vibration and become a deliberate creator in the 4 primary areas of life. 

You can print it out directly or fill it out digitally before printing.

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