30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian

Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian uses the powerful metaphor of home to provide a structure for personal transformation by showing you how to construct the following rooms in your life: Self-Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Clarity, Surrender, and The Dream Garden.

With practical tools and prompts for self-understanding, she shows you how to build each room in your house, which forms the foundation for your self-worth, sense of belonging, and happiness.

Welcome Home is an answer to the pain we all experience when we don’t feel at peace with ourselves. Every human deserves their own home. And Welcome Home provides the life-changing tools for building that inner space of healing and solace.

Scroll down and read 30 quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian.

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Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian

  1. Your home belongs nowhere outside of you. Your home is within you. You are the architect. You are the builder. And you are the occupant. You must find yourself. You must see yourself. Hear yourself. Love yourself. You must create safety for yourself.30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian

  2. Before you start building your home, you must lay the brick road that leads to the land on which your home will be built. By breaking down all the obstacles in your way, you will turn your roadblocks into bricks that form the construction of the road.
  3. The mistake most of us make is that we build our homes in other people in the hope that they will deem us worthy of being welcomed inside. We feel so abandoned and empty when people leave, because we’ve invested so much of ourselves in them.
  4. The goal of constructing the road that leads to your home within is not to avoid the roadblocks in your way. Rather, it is to break them down and use them as road bricks you can interlock to construct the road. That is what makes the road to your home within unique to you.
  5. When you limit your ability to break free because you’re seeking acceptance from those around you, you’re refusing to break down that roadblock and turn it into a road brick.30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian
  6. One of the things that stops us from taking the journey back to ourselves is our fear of being judged, shamed, or even ostracized from the lives of those around us.
  7. These mountains that you are carrying, You were only supposed to climb.
  8. Self-acceptance at its core means knowing yourself as you are, with all your weaknesses and strengths, with all that makes you who you are. Whether you look at those things as flaws or as superpowers is in your own hands.
  9. Self-acceptance is accepting your self. Not caring what the world thinks of this self of yours is a by-product of self-acceptance, not the other way around.
  10. Reflecting the world around you keeps you in conflict with yourself. Instead, you need to be your authentic self, and the world around you will change accordingly.30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian
  11. Self-love is loving yourself exactly as you’d love the person you love the most. And that love actually feels like love and looks like meeting your own needs.
  12. When you believe you are worthy of love, you will start seeing love around you. You will also start to define yourself by the love you have within you, not the love you receive from external sources.
  13. Before you can genuinely love yourself, you must believe that you are worthy of love.
  14. If you’ve learned to self-hate, that habit needs to be broken. You can’t hate yourself and love yourself at the same time. You can do them both in one day, but you can’t do them both at the same time.
  15. If loving someone is beautiful, how is loving yourself anything less than beautiful?30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian
  16. If you define your worthiness of love by the worthiness that others see, you will always find a flaw within yourself, when the simple truth might be you’re looking for your worth in the wrong place.
  17. Whatever your brain is looking for, your eyes will see. If you are looking for the positive, you’ll see it. And if you’re looking for the negative, you’ll see it. It’s a matter of what you choose to see.
  18. Before you give love to someone in any form, ask yourself, Is my intention to truly love this person? Or is it to receive validation that my love is worth it?
  19. If someone chooses to take advantage of your vulnerability and not honor the promise that they made to keep a safe space for your vulnerability, that’s on them. It’s not on you. And it doesn’t mean you are powerless. Your power is like a well that never runs out of water. People may drink from it. People may take way too much at a time. But you are the source of that power.
  20. Self-compassion sets the bar for compassion from others.30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian

  21. You have to welcome the pain when you feel it, not just know where it came from.
  22. Sometimes forgiving yourself takes the form of you telling the story as you experienced it, not as someone else wrote it. Instead of “He first did this, then this, then that,” you are saying “I did, I felt, I…” And this is not to lay blame on you…it’s to make you the narrator of your own story.
  23. The one who broke you cannot heal you.
  24. Sometimes people walk in wearing a cloak of compassion that you soon realize is not real. When this happens, remember you’re the owner of your home. You may escort them out the door just as you escorted them in.
  25. Part of respecting others is respecting their boundaries. Part of respecting yourself is building your own boundaries.30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian
  26. Do not constantly walk through life in defense mode. When your boundaries are violated, respond. Do not react.
  27. What would your life look like if you lived it as you wanted to, not as you were convinced you needed to live it?
  28. Once you are able to label your experience, you have already experienced clarity.
  29. Instead of punishing yourself for feeling angry, ask yourself What is this anger trying to tell me? Is it trying to tell me that my boundaries are being violated? Is it trying to tell me that I’m being silenced? Is it trying to tell me that I should actually say no?
  30. Plant the seed of the tree that you wish to see the fruits of.30 Quotes from Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian
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