Best Planner According to Your Enneagram Type

Want to find the best planner according to your enneagram type? We got your back.

The new year is the perfect time to start fresh and achieve your goals. For many, a planner is the first step in achieving their new year goals. Sure, you could buy any old planner, but why not try one that’s best suited to your Enneagram type? We’ve compiled a list of the best planners according to your Enneagram type, so you can start the year off right!

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. Everyone is characterized as one of the nine types. However, one can have traits belonging to other types. Simply put, the Enneagram an essential guide for your journey of self-discovery.

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Enneagram Type One – The Reformer

Type One - Reformer, girl shaking hand

Source: Pexels

Description: Reformers tend to have strong opinions, and they are not afraid to be open and honest. Type Ones are also rational beings, who like to live out their ethics and values. They are aware of their flaws and imperfections, which results in them constantly seeking self-improvement. 

The SELF Journal is the perfect planner for Type Ones. With a weekly habit tracker and daily progress tracker, the SELF Journal gives Ones the tools to track their self-improvement goals, easily. To balance this, the journal also has a daily gratitude section. Reformers can step back from focusing on their flaws and imperfections, by practicing positivity, daily.


Enneagram Type Two – The Helper

Best Planner for Enneagram Type Two - Helper, girl holding sparklers

Source: Pexels

Description: Helpers can simply be described as selfless. They are the type of people who remember the little stuff, like how you like your coffee, just so they can surprise you with it later. This selfless behavior can also be detrimental, as Type Twos tend to prioritize other’s needs over their own needs.

The “You are a Badass” planner is an excellent choice for Helpers. It’s got monthly and weekly views, so they won’t miss a friend’s birthday. On top of that, it’s chalked full of sassy quotes to remind Type Twos of their importance and value. Oh, and did I mention it comes with stickers?

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Enneagram Type Three – The Achiever

Type Three - Achiever

Source: Pexels

Description: Achievers are incredibly competitive in everything they do and take pride in their successes. These hard workers can sometimes over-exhaust themselves in working towards their goals. As a result, Type Threes will make any sacrifice needed to achieve their goals. 

The Action Planner is the planner for taking over the world, which also makes it a perfect choice for Achievers. Hard-working and goal-driven Type Threes will love the weekly time management layout and hourly scheduling features of the planner.


Enneagram Type Four – The Individualist

Best Planner for Enneagram Type Four -

Source: Pexels

Description: Type Fours see themselves as being different from others, which is why they’re called Individualists. They pride themselves in taking the road less traveled. As a result, Individualists tend to express themselves through creativity. 

The Millennial Grind Total Clarity Workbook and Planner is a great choice for Type Fours. It allows Individualists to reflect on their past year and redefine themselves for the new year. It even includes an Ikigai exercise to help Type Fours find their true, unique calling.

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Enneagram Type Five – The Investigator

Enneagram Type Five

Source: Pexels

Description: Type Fives are always searching for answers. They want to understand why things are the way they are, which is why they are known as Investigators. They enjoy immersing themselves in observations and contemplation. 

The best planner for Enneagram Type Fives is the Planner Little More. It’s got yearly, monthly, and weekly views, and includes sections to plan and review each month. It also has 30 extra dot-grid pages for Investigators to quickly jot down any of their observations.


Enneagram Type Six – The Loyalist

2020 Planner for Loyalists Enneagram

Source: Pexels

Description: Loyalists are known for being incredibly responsible and reliable. Type Sixes devote themselves to friends and family and try to create a network of trust in their circle.

Loyalists will love the PSP Let me Pencil You In planner. This super simple planner is easy to use. Its best feature is the monthly spread, which has a monthly overview, notes section, and inspirational quotes. Sixes will never have to worry about forgetting an important dinner or birthday with this great planner!

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Enneagram Type Seven – The Enthusiast

Type Seven Enneagram

Source: Pexels

Description: Type Sevens are the life of the party. Enthusiasts easily make new friends where ever they go. They tend to be optimistic and curious, but can sometimes be scattered and distracted. 

The Panda Planner is one of the best planner choices for fun-loving, but scattered Type Sevens. It has monthly, weekly, and daily views which make planning a breeze and keep Enthusiasts organized. On top of that, each daily view includes a morning review, so Sevens can start each day inspired.


Enneagram Type Eight – The Challenger

Enneagram Type Eight - 2020 Planner

Source: Pexels

Description: If you haven’t guessed it already, Challengers rarely back down from confrontation. They love to be in charge due to their decisiveness, which also makes them great at handling difficult situations. 

The classic Moleskin planner is a great choice for Type Eights. Known for its high quality, the Moleskin planner has a refined look that Challengers will love. Additionally, the basic look of the monthly, weekly and daily layouts allow Type Eights to take control of their days.


Enneagram Type Nine – The Peacemaker

Best Planner According to your Enneagram Type

Source: Pexels

Description: Finally, Type Nines are easy-going and trusting. They are creative, supportive, and hate confrontation. As a result, they can sometimes lose themselves by agreeing with others just to avoid conflict.

Optimistic Type Nines will love the Large 12-month Annual Planner. It has yearly, monthly, and weekly views to help Peacemakers get organized. Additionally, it’s full of artwork, stickers and a 3-D page (with glasses) to keep things fun and creative.

Now, that’s it for our list of the best planner according to your Enneagram type. If you have a fave planner let us know in the comments below!

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