Do You Need To Feel Happy All The Time When Manifesting?

Do you need to feel happy all the time when manifesting? The answer is no. Here’s why.

There is a common misconception that you have to feel positive all the time in order to manifest positive outcomes using the Law of Attraction.

But that’s not true at all.

Both positive and negative emotions are a form of internal guidance for helping you stay on track to manifest what you want.

This blog post will help you understand your emotional guidance system and let go of the fear of negative emotions.

Your Emotions Are Your Guidance System

Your thoughts create your reality by attracting things that are a vibrational match to them.

But how do you know whether the thoughts you’re thinking are in vibrational alignment with what you want?

The average person thinks over 60,000 thoughts a day! How do you keep track of every single thought?

This is where emotions come into play.

Your emotions are guidance from your inner guidance system.

Your inner guidance system (also known as Source, the Universe, or God) is always letting you know the vibration of your thoughts through how you feel.

When you feel happy or positive, your inner guide is telling you that your current thoughts are in alignment with what you desire.

When you feel bad or negative, your inner guide is telling you that your current thoughts are out of alignment with what you desire.

In Ask and It Is Given, Abraham Hicks compared your emotions to the fuel gauge in your car, which I thought was such a brilliant analogy.

The fuel gauge in your car simply lets you know whether you are low on fuel or not.

There’s no use in getting mad at it for letting you know you’ll be out of gas soon.

And so it is the same thing with your emotions.

Your emotional guidance system is an instrument that lets you know whether you are in alignment or out of alignment with your desire.

Beating yourself up over negative emotions is like getting at mad at your fuel gauge for doing its job. It’s silly, right?

The wise approach to this is to acknowledge the guidance from your emotions, change the direction of your thoughts and come back into alignment.

Thank your negative emotions for telling you that the thoughts you’re entertaining right now are not helping you attract what you want into your life and pivot!

There are so many techniques you can use to change the direction of your thoughts.

My favorites are positive affirmations, Focus Wheel, prayers to the Universe, Book of Positive Aspects, and meditation.

The way that you feel is your greatest (and most important) tool for manifesting what you want.

It never stops working. 

At any given moment, it’s working tirelessly to let you know whether the thoughts you’re thinking are bringing you closer or further from your desire.

All you have to do is to pay close attention to how you feel and change the direction of your thoughts when you feel negative emotions creeping in.

Feeling happy is not a requirement for manifesting. It’s more of a commitment.

It’s the radical decision to perceive your negative emotions as guidance and the unapologetic desire to live in a state of joy which is your birthright.

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