Evening Prayer For Manifesting

Want to manifest miracles every day? Use this Evening Prayer For Manifestation every night to raise your vibration and receive loving guidance from the Universe.

If you have read my book Feeling Good, you will know that prayers are an important part of any manifestation practice.

When you pray, you are not just sending the affirmation to yourself. You are sending the affirmation to the Universe.

The instant you send out this positive vibration to the Universe, the Universe responds swiftly and powerfully.

Use this manifestation prayer to release all negative thoughts and unblock the presence of love, joy, and peace that is your natural inheritance.

This evening prayer helps you restore your vibrational alignment so you can manifest miracles the next day.

Evening Manifestation Prayer

Universe, I thank you for all the miracles I have experienced today.

I appreciate every miracle with the highest reverence.

Knowing all miracles are expressions of divine love.

I bow to your love and compassion.

As I dedicate this time to reflect on my day.

I welcome guidance of the highest truth to enter into this space right now.

So I can realign with the love of the Universe.

I am ready to let go of all grievances.

I am ready to release all negative thoughts.

I am willing to forgive everyone and everything that disturbed my peace today.

This shift in perception from fear to love is a miracle.

At this moment, I remember that I am Love.

I am the extension of the Love of the Universe.

And nothing can change that.

Joy is my birthright.

Happiness is my only function.

Feeling good is my highest priority.

My energy creates my reality.

What I focus on is what I will manifest.

I honor the power of my mind by taking care of my energy.

I am ready to realign with positive vibrations.

The Universe has my back.

I am at peace knowing everything is being taken care of.

I release my attachment to the past and the future.

By appreciating the joy of this present moment.

I place tomorrow into the hands of the Universe.

And trust that everything will work out for the highest good for all.

Thank you.

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