How To Become A Spiritual Teacher In 5 Steps

Do you want to become a spiritual teacher? Answer your inner calling using these 5 steps.

A spiritual teacher is a person who helps other people reconnect with the truth of who they are.

Most spiritual teachers teach from their own experiences by sharing stories and lessons from their own lives.

The common goal of all spiritual teachers is to help others realize that all the answers they’re seeking are already within them.

There are no rules or regulations in order for someone to become a spiritual teacher. All it takes for someone to become a spiritual teacher is to simply answer that inner calling within them to become one.

The intuitive nudge to become a spiritual teacher is universal, but not everyone is willing to answer it.

The voice of the ego (fear) does a great job at preventing us from answering this calling.

We sabotage ourselves with questions like, “Who am I to do this?” or “I am not good enough to be a spiritual teacher.” or “I don’t have anything worthwhile to share.”

Answering the calling to amplify the light threatens the ego’s existence so it tries hard to shut this desire down.

But if you’re reading this right now, you know exactly what you came here to do.

It’s time to stop playing small and honor your soul’s deepest desire.

Step into the light and become a spiritual teacher by following these 5 steps below.

1. Answer Your Calling

woman praying

The first step to becoming a spiritual teacher is to answer your calling to teach.

When you embark on a spiritual path, you sign up to become a student and a teacher at the same time.

By shining the crystal that is you and buffing away the darkness, you inspire those around you to do the same.

This is the meaning of being a spiritual teacher.

A spiritual teacher’s job is not to preach or convince other people to follow their spiritual practices.

A spiritual teacher’s job is to be the light. They let their light shine so brightly that those who are lost in the darkness can’t help but come to them to learn how they too can bear this light.

Answer your calling today with this prayer, “Universe, I choose to answer my calling. I commit to becoming a student and a teacher of love. I step back and let you lead the way.”

2. Find Your Message

girl writing

The second step to becoming a spiritual teacher is to find your message.

Pick one theme to shape your message around and to find students who will resonate with your teachings.

This core message should be near and dear to your heart and represent one of your greatest transformations.

Ask yourself these questions to clarify your message.

  • What was your rock bottom moment?
  • What were the events, situations, or people that led you on your spiritual path?
  • How did you transform your fear into faith?
  • How did spirituality change your life for the better?
  • How can you help others do the same?

Don’t be afraid to talk about the dark and shameful moments in your life.

Your authentic truth is what liberates others to witness their own darkness and create radical transformations in their lives.

Your spiritual journey is a mirror reflecting others the infinite possibilities that are available for them.

3. Demonstrate Your Truth

man smiling

The third step to becoming a spiritual teacher is to demonstrate your truth.

You know the saying, “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

Well, walking the walk is absolutely vital when it comes to being a spiritual teacher.

A Course in Miracles says, “To teach is to demonstrate.”

Teaching is not about preaching and forcing your beliefs on others. The true meaning of teaching is to lead by example.

The best way to teach others about spirituality is to demonstrate it in your own life.

Remember that your actions speak louder than your words.

Simply live out your truth and your students will find you in their own time.

4. Become A Conduit For Inspiration

woman sitting on a chair thinking

The fourth step to becoming a spiritual teacher is to be a conduit for inspiration.

A common obstacle people face when becoming a spiritual teacher is the much-dreaded imposter syndrome.

The voice of the ego will challenge your decision by asking questions like, “Who am I do to this?”

The key to getting out of your own way is to remember that a spiritual teacher is simply a conduit for inspiration.

A spiritual teacher acts as a non-resistant vessel that allows divine guidance to flow from the spiritual realm into the physical realm.

The word inspired means to be in spirit. When you are in the state of inspiration, you are literally allowing Spirit (another name for God or the Universe) to speak through you.

This is the key to getting out of your own way and allowing God’s message to take precedence over everything else.

When you think you hold the key to spiritual truths, fear and anxiety will block the flow of inspiration.

But when you recognize that you are simply the conduit for truth, you allow the messages from your higher power to flow through you effortlessly.

5. Start Where You Are

Couple walking on street with coffee cups

The final step to becoming a spiritual teacher is to start where you are.

Many spiritual teachers have big dreams like speaking on stage with Oprah or writing a New York Times best-selling self-help book.

But you can’t get there unless you start where you are.

Jesus did not wait until he had an audience to resurrect from the dead. So it is with us.

It’s fine to hold these visions and manifestations in your mind, but don’t let your expectations get in the way of your desire to teach.

Trust that when you take a leap of faith and answer your calling, the Universe will be there to meet you halfway.

Release the who, want, when, where, why, and focus on raising your vibrations through your spiritual practices such as positive affirmations, visualization, and prayers.

Trust that your manifestation is being taken care of and have faith that everything is working out for the highest good for all.

Some of the most popular spiritual teachers in the world are the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle.

With that said, the best spiritual teacher is the one that you resonate with.

What is another word for a spiritual teacher?

A spiritual teacher is also commonly known as a guru.

Other names for spiritual teachers are spiritual advisor, coach, mentor, master, guide, counselor, and leader.