How To Have Faith When Manifesting In 3 Steps

Want to restore your faith in manifestation? Here’s how to keep faith when manifesting in 3 steps.

How To Believe In Manifestation

Faith is visionary. It allows you to stay in vibrational alignment with your desire even though it’s not in your physical reality yet.

I want to assure you that faith is not something that you can “lose.”

At any given moment, you have either faith in the love of the Universe or faith in the fears of the world.

It is up to you where you decide to place your faith.

When you have more faith in the world than in the Universe, your vibration will be lowered and thus throw you out of alignment with the positive feelings you want to manifest.

But at every moment, you are presented with an opportunity to choose again and lean on spiritual guidance instead.

Follow these 3 steps below to keep faith when manifesting.

1. Forgive Your Lack of Faith

woman praying

The first step to keeping faith when manifesting is to forgive yourself for your moments of faithlessness.

It’s okay to lose faith in your manifestation sometimes.

No one is perfect and no one is faithful all the time.

Living in this physical world, it’s natural to succumb to the fears of the world.

But the miracle lies in our ability to recognize our moments of faithlessness and realign with the Universe (or God, or Source—whatever you choose to call your Higher Power).

So instead of feeling ashamed or fearful of your lack of faith, you should celebrate your willingness to make a positive shift.

Say this prayer for miracles to restore your faith, “I surrender this situation to God. I welcome universal guidance, spiritual solutions, and creative ideas.”

Use your moments of faithlessness as a learning opportunity to transcend the fears of the world and realign with the loving presence of the Universe.

2. Celebrate Your Past Manifestations

girl writing

The second step to keeping faith when manifesting is to celebrate your past manifestations.

When you’re losing faith, that’s a sign that you’re focusing on what’s not working rather than what is working.

This is the perfect time to review all the ways the Universe has supported you in the past.

In my book Feeling Good, I teach the practice of creating a Miracle Log which is a journal for you to write down all the miracles, synchronicities, and manifestations you attract.

This journal is the spiritual proof that reminds you that you are indeed being guided by a power beyond your own.

Whenever you feel down or doubtful, pick up your Miracle Log and read a few entries from it to restore your faith in the Universe.

If you are new to this whole manifesting thing and you can’t think of any stories of your own, feel free to write down success stories from people you know.

These stories can be from your parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, and people online!

Celebrate their success as your own.

Use their manifestations as a confirmation of what is possible when you have faith in the Universe.

3. Surrender Some More

man smiling

The final step to keeping faith when manifesting is to surrender some more.

As I teach in my manifestation course Manifesting Made Easy, manifesting is a co-creation between you and the Universe.

You do your part vibrationally and you let the Universe handle the details.

It may seem counterintuitive to let go and allow when your manifestation doesn’t seem to be going the way that you want.

But that detour may just be the Universe’s way of guiding you toward what you truly need.

The key to faith is to recognize that you don’t know what’s best for you so you are willing to be guided to the highest and best outcome.

This openness to experience will enable you to see the infinite possibilities and opportunities that your controlling self would have missed otherwise.

The universal lesson behind all perceived obstacles in our lives is the lesson to surrender to what is.

Forget the who, what, when, where, and how. Trust that your positive energy will attract to you what is of the highest good for all.

Rest in the peace of knowing everything is working out for you.