How To Manifest What You Want Quickly

Do you want to manifest what you want quickly? Well, you are not alone in this.

Many students of manifestation want to see results instantly. 

While instant manifestation is possible, you have to recognize that the Universe’s plan may be different from what you have in mind.

Although you can’t control when something will manifest, there are three things you can do to speed up your manifestation.

1. Clarify Why It’s Urgent

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When it comes to manifesting, the Universe picks up on the intention that is behind your desires.

If you want to manifest something instantly, you must have a good reason why it’s so urgent.

Ask yourself: “What is the reason why I need to manifest this so quickly?”

If the reason you want to manifest quickly is because of negative energy such as impatience or greed, then the Universe will not support your manifestation.

A great way to free yourself from the grasp of a timeline is to pray for solutions of the highest good instead.

Instead of focusing on the timing of your manifestation, direct your thoughts into how you would feel if your manifestation came true.

2. Stop Thinking About The Outcome

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The faster you’re able to let go of the outcome, the faster your desires will come true.

When you’re obsessing over the outcome, you’re blocking off your connection to the voice of your inner guide.

The Universe works with your intuition to co-create your future and bring your desires into reality.

But you can only receive this guidance in the present moment.

Remember that it is in stillness, you’re able to receive.

When your mind is focused on the future, you lose sight of the present moment. But the present moment is where your true power lies.

3. Ask For A Sign Instead

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Instead of trying to manifest a certain physical outcome, you can try to ask the Universe for a sign instead.

A sign from the Universe is like a wink from the Universe that the Universe has your back.

Unlike physical manifestations, signs ALWAYS manifest.

If you see your sign within 24 hours, then simply trust you are on the right track.

If you do not see your sign within 24 hours, then you may have to shift your perspective or pursue another opportunity.

Asking for a sign helps you release the need to control and it demonstrates your faith in the Universe.

It shows you’re willing to surrender your plan and allow creative guidance to come through.

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