How To Use The 2 Cup Manifestation Method In 5 Steps

The 2 Cup Manifestation Method has been super popular on social media lately, so let me break it all down for you. This blog post will teach you how you use the 2 Cup Manifestation Method to manifest what you want in 5 steps.

The 2-Cup Method helps you manifest what you want by shifting dimensions from your current reality to your desired reality.

This method is based on the concept of dimension-jumping which proposes there is an infinite number of dimensions occurring simultaneously.

This means that any alternate reality has happened, will happen, or is happening, just in different dimensions.

So by shifting from the current dimension that does not serve you to a new dimension that does serve you—you will be able to manifest your greatest desires.

Follow these 5 steps to use the 2 Cup Method to manifest what you want.

Step 1: Prepare Your Cups

glasses on a desk

The first step to using the 2 Cup Manifestation Method is to prepare your cups.

You will need to have two cups to do this manifestation method. Use glass cups if possible so you can see the transfer of water from the old cup to the new cup.

Once you have your cups ready, fill one cup with water.

Then take some tape or sticky notes and label them.

The cup with water represents your current reality. For example, if you have problems with money, this cup will say, “I am struggling to make money.”

The empty cup represents your desired reality. If you want to manifest financial abundance, this cup will say, “Money flows into my life effortlessly.”

Step 2: Visualize Your Desired Reality

man sitting by a pool

The second step to using the 2 Cup Manifestation Method is to visualize your desired reality.

Look at the cup with water and feel into your current reality. Let whatever negative emotions come up.

Once you’re feeling the low vibrational thoughts, shift your focus to the empty cup and visualize your desired reality. Paint a realistic picture of your desire in your mind and allow yourself to experience the high vibrational emotions it brings you.

Let this high vibrational energy take over your body, mind, and spirit for 5 minutes.

As I teach in my manifestation course, visualization is one of the most powerful techniques for manifesting. Why? Because it helps you get into vibrational alignment with your desire by cultivating the feeling of experiencing your desire as if it has already manifested.

Step 3: Pour The Water Into The Empty Cup

woman sitting with a water glass

The third step to using the 2 Cup Manifestation Method is to pour the water from the filled cup into the empty cup.

The transfer of water represents a shift in dimension, where you jump from the current reality to the desired reality.

Suspend all disbelief and feel the shift happening as you pour the water from the old cup to the new cup.

Step 4: Drink The Water

woman holding a water glass

The fourth step to using the 2 Cup Manifestation Method is to drink the water.

You have just jumped from one dimension to another. Now it’s time to solidify this truth by taking in a new reality.

Drink the water in the desired reality cup represents embodying the new reality as your truth.

Once you finish the water, you are now in absolute vibrational alignment with your desire.

By the Law of Attraction, your positive energy is now attracting people, situations, and experiences that match its positive vibration.

Step 5: Discard The Old Label

woman smiling

The final step to using the 2 Cup Manifestation Method is to discard the old label.

The current reality no longer serves you so it’s time to get rid of all traces of it.

Rip up the label and throw it into the trash. Or if it’s available to you, burn it up. Do whatever makes you feel good.

As for the “desired reality” label, keep it close to you as a reminder that you are now in a new reality.

Any time you feel your energy spiraling down the Emotional Guidance Scale, look at this label to realign your energy.