How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

Do you want to ask the Universe for a sign but you’re not sure how to do it? Follow this blog post to learn how to ask the Universe for a sign.

What Is A Sign From The Universe?

A powerful way to collaborate with the Universe is to ask for a sign.

The Universe (or God) is the higher power that is always guiding you toward solutions that are right for you.

You can ask the Universe to show you a sign if you’re looking for spiritual guidance on a big decision you have to make or for confirmation that you’re heading toward the right path.

When you ask the Universe for a sign, you are demonstrating your faith in a power beyond your own.

In doing so, you get into alignment with the Universe and you’ll be able to receive spiritual guidance and creative ideas.

Common Signs From The Universe

If you are not sure what sign to pick, here are some common signs the Universe uses to send a message:

  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Animals
  • Songs
  • Objects

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign in 3 Steps

1. Pick Your Sign

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The first step is to pick your sign and declare it to the Universe.

Picking your sign is simple. All you need to do is pick something that resonates with you. This something can be an animal, a number, or even a song.

Don’t overthink this process and just pick the first thing that comes to your mind.

This sign should feel good to you and put you at ease.

If you find yourself second-guessing your sign, I suggest you pick another one that feels more comfortable to you.

My sign from the Universe is 1111. Feel free to use this as your sign or use your favorite number combination.

2. Ask The Universe For Your Sign Through Prayer

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The second step is to ask the Universe for your sign through prayer.

Don’t let the word prayer intimidate you. Praying to the Universe is just a way for you to directly communicate with your higher power.

Here’s a sample prayer you can use to ask the Universe for a sign, “Universe, show me a sign of (insert your sign here) within 24 hours if I’m heading toward the path that’s right for me.”

Simply add the sign you picked in Step 1 to the prayer and you’re ready to ask the Universe for a sign.

You can also tweak the timing of the sign depending on your circumstances. But usually, when something’s right for you, your sign will come through quickly.

Once you have your prayer ready, say your prayer out loud and trust that it is heard and received by the Universe.

Now all that’s left to do is to just stay open to receiving your sign.

3. Keep An Eye Out For Your Sign

woman looking over a bridge

The last step is to simply keep an eye out for your sign.

When you ask the Universe for a sign, this sign usually comes through loud and clear. But sometimes the sign can also come through in more subtle ways.

So your job is to stay alert and keep a lookout for your sign as you go about your day.

You may see your sign on the television, in a magazine article, or even in your inbox.

Now there are two things that can happen when you ask the Universe for a sign.

If you receive your sign from the Universe within 24 hours, that is confirmation from the Universe that you are heading toward the right path. You should honor that guidance by proceeding toward that path with confidence and faith.

If you don’t receive your sign from the Universe within 24 hours, that is also a confirmation from the Universe. How so? If you don’t get your sign, the Universe is telling you either “No, not right now,” or “No, because I have something even better for you.”

Use this spiritual guidance to look closely at your internal state.

Whether you receive your sign or do not receive your sign, you should take the guidance your receive seriously.

If the Universe has the power to lead you toward what you need, the Universe also has the power to lead you away from what you don’t need.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Sign From The Universe?

It usually takes around 24 hours to get a sign from the Universe.

But you get to decide the timing that’s right for you.

When asking for a sign, be sure to include a specific time frame you need to get your sign by.

Do You Always Get Your Sign From The Universe?

Yes. The Universe always responds whenever you ask for a sign.

If you get your sign, that’s a yes from the Universe.

If you don’t get your sign, that’s a no or not yet from the Universe.

What to Do After You’ve Asked for a Sign

After you have asked the Universe for a sign, all that’s left to do is to be patient and allow the Universe to send you your sign.

Do not go and actively seek out your sign. 

If the Universe decides to send you a sign, your sign will show up loud and clear.

Searching for your sign or looking it up on the internet is manipulation and the Universe does not respond well to that.

What to Do After You’ve Received Your Sign

After you have received your sign, thank the Universe for the guidance and then act upon it.

If you received your sign, go and move forward with your decision or situation.

If you did not receive your sign, pause and reconsider your decision or situation.

It’s really important that you listen to the guidance you received. Otherwise, you will risk blocking yourself from receiving guidance from the Universe in the future.

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