How To Ask The Universe For Help In 3 Steps

Need to ask the Universe for help? Follow these 3 steps to get help from the Universe instantly.

Can You Ask the Universe For Help?

Yes. You can ask the Universe for help. When you ask the Universe for help, the Universe always answers—but it may not be in the way that you planned it.

A lot of people pray to the Universe (or God, Source, etc) asking for what they want.

But how can you know what you want when your best thinking got you here?

Rather than claiming to know the solution to your problem, you should simply pray to see the situation differently.

This correction in perception helps you see the situation as God would see it and opens you up to the infinite possibilities and opportunities that you may have missed otherwise.

This shift in perception from fear to love is a miracle on the metaphysical level which then paves the way for a miracle on the physical level.

Follow these 3 steps and ask the Universe for help.

1. Be Willing To See Things Differently

The first step to asking the Universe for help is to be willing to see things differently.

Willingness is a small but mighty power that is of the highest importance when it comes to asking the Universe for help.

The Universe is always waiting on standby to help you rearrange your experiences back to love.

But the Universe cannot help you unless you are willing to seek help; otherwise, it would be a violation of your free will.

All that is required of you is your slight willingness to see your situation differently.

Begin your prayer with this affirmation, “I am willing to see this situation differently.”

Feel into the magnitude of the words and be determined to see the situation with spiritual sight which transcends the limitations of our physical senses.

2. Pray For A Shift In Perception

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The second step to asking the Universe for help is to pray for a shift in your perception.

When you pray for a specific outcome, you are basically telling the Universe that you know what’s best for you. Why would you need the Universe’s help if you already know the solution to your problem?

Therefore, instead of praying for an outcome, pray for a shift in your thinking.

When you are grasped by fear, you can only see limitations and obstacles.

But when you realign with love, you will see infinite possibilities and opportunities.

When you shift your perception from fear to love, you experience a miracle on the thought level.

This miracle will then manifest on the physical level because our thinking shapes our experiences.

According to the Law of Cause and Effect, when your thinking (cause) changes, your experience (effect) will change accordingly.

3. What Would Love Do Right Now?

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The final step to asking the Universe for help is to take action from a place of love.

As I teach in Feeling Good, in the face of obstacles, ask yourself, “What would Love do right now?”

Then sit in stillness and receive guidance from your intuition (or Inner Guide).

Maybe you will be called to forgive those who hurt you. Perhaps you will be guided to take a leap of faith. Or maybe the answer is to do nothing at all for now.

Honor whatever guidance that shows up.

The answer may not be what you expected or wanted to hear, but it will always serve your best interest.

Remember that Love is synonymous with God.

We may have a different understanding of God, but love is universal.

When you act in accordance with love, you can see the situation as God sees it which allows you to take the next best right action.

The energy of love is the highest vibrational frequency you can embody, so trust that when you assume the perspective of love, you will manifest solutions of the highest good for all.

How Long Does It Take For The Universe To Respond?

When you ask the Universe for help, the Universe responds instantly.

This help comes as a feeling of relief first. 

Then your circumstance will begin to shift. You will begin to receive inspired ideas and creative solutions to face your situation with new energy.

What to Do After You Ask The Universe For Help

After you have asked the Universe for help, all you have to do is to relax and allow the Universe to help you.

Tune into your soul and listen to your intuition for guidance.

Your intuition is deeply connected to the Universe and it will guide you to take action that results in the highest good for all.

What to Do After The Universe Helps You

After the Universe helps you, thank the Universe for the guidance and then act upon it.

It’s really important that you honor the guidance you received.

Otherwise, you will risk blocking yourself from receiving guidance from the Universe in the future.